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  2. Hey Y’all. SO I won’t be on as much this summer. For the past 2 years I was on this site (2 years already!?!?) My school let students keep the laptops they provided us over the summer. Well this summer we have to give them back so they can get fixed and stuff. So today at 2:00 I have to give mine back. so I wont be commenting as much, and my stories will take longer to make until I get my laptop back in August or September. Just so you know, I WILL be check the site on my phone.

    Thank you for reading this. -Origami_Master53

  3. To celebrate 60 years of Spider-Man, here’s the cover for SFC’s last Spider-Fold story. Love y’all.

  4. Origami_Master53

    Hey everyone! So the last time I had a WordPress account was some months ago. I deleted it because my laptop (which I do not have anymore) was being weird with WordPress. Well, now that I have my phone I made one on it! So introducing THE NEW AND IMPROVED. ORIGAMI_MASTER53!!!!!

  5. I want you all to know something. You are all so talented– and that’s not a good thing. As you age, you all will suffer. You all will feel pain like you’ve never felt before, all of you will suffer. Tragedy loves talent, but passion finds those who persist. So persist you must. Just, be prepared, all of you. Because the most important thing is that you’re all going to die, so why live life in fear of what’s inevitable.

  6. gonna drip this here, the required reading for The Spider-Fold:
    -The Amazing Spider-Folds 1-3
    -OrigVenom 1
    -Agent Venom-Gami

  7. A serious problem that is tearing this community apart seems to be how each and every user wants their stories to be read and loved while no one else seems to be willing to read and love anyone else’s stories. It makes me sad because on some fundamental level every author, not just me or Peyton, puts so much effort into every story they write only for no one to ever really read it or care. It makes me sad and I know it makes all of you sad as welll.

  8. OrigamiLuke100

    Hey guys! We’re working on a bit of an update to the site to make it more accessible to mobile users. I’ll be making a new post later this week when all of these updates are done, but I’m certainly going to need y’alls patience and criticism when this update occurs. I think you all will like it; it’ll help with navigating stories on the site.

  9. I have a question for OM! Since Jonathon has been confirmed to have a major role in DCOU Fold 4, what do you hope to see out of him? The same goes for James McLongway in the Spider-Fold, I’m really excited to see what you have to say about these two big appearances!

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