Announcing ROU- THE GAME!

In the build up to ROU Fold Two….

I wanna play a game, just me and you…

Simple, easy, you don’t even need to read the ROU…

Just go, search, find me a clue…

Oh, why do you look so blue?

All you have to do, is search, is peruse…

More updates will come, in the weeks of two…

Tin Titans is Now LIVE

The next chapter of the DCOU is finally out, and this time, we get to see what’s going on with CJ Whogley. I’m so excited that this is out, because Jar Jar had been assigned this story back in 2018! It’s such a fun story, and I hope you guys enjoy. Check it out Here!

What Just Happened?

UPDATE 4/2/21: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

As most of you guessed, the Amalgami Universe was our prank for this year! However we noticed that a couple of you really like the idea, so there could potentially be a REAL Amalgami Universe sometime in the future inside of BTFolds. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed our joke this year!

P.S. You can still read the Amalgam story too in case you missed it! It’s under “Other Tales” in BTFolds, but you can also just click here.


Hey guys! Superfolder J. GuillEvilDarthJarmy100es here, and I am proud to announce some BIG news.

We are ending the DCOU and MOU in exchange for something newer… and cooler! We’re calling it the “Amalgami Universe,” In which both the DCOU and MOU collide in great, new creations and stories. Picture Iron Fold meets Batfold, or Spider-Fold meets Supaperman AND Robin. The possibilities are endless!

Because of this, we’ve also decided to become ONE admin! It makes everything so much easier. Call us J!

What’s that? Jawa, I’m telling you, this will work.

No, Noah, it’s TOTALLY not an April Fools Prank.

Hades, stop, calm down, you’re at the end of the name I swear. You’re the es!

Peyton, I swear. Stop complaining about how you won’t get to finish your saga! A new Alan can be made in Amalgami!

Guillermo, Guillermo, trust me on this. Same with you Jar Jar.

The first story is even up! I swear it is! You can read it here.

Hey, what’s this paper? Why’d you all write “April Fools” on this?


Hey, SuperFolders! Guillermo here.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about the Book II stories for the Wizarding Folds, which will hopefully start this summer once Book I finishes this June.


1. Harry Paper and the secret legacy.

2. Harry Paper and the Ori-Marauders.

3. The Tri-Chemist Tournament.

5. The Order of the Pholdix: Recruitment.

6. Harry Paper and the Deadly Virus.

Magical Tales (necessary )

– St John’s School: Treason. Learn how another school starts using origami wizards

Any of you who want to write any of these main stories, please give me a DM, send me an email, or tell me in the comments. I’d gladly assign you one!

By the way! The Good Student season 1 is done, click here to read The Good Student Season 1.

See you guys around!


ROU Sunday Part Two- The Last ROU Sunday [For Now ;)]

With the release of Luke CastePleat, Fold 1 of the ROU is over, and once Donatello’s Typen (Jeez, that guy cranks these things out)

For the four people who have been caught up since December, (Dang, I speedran this) thank you so much!

The ROU this far has been really experimental, and truth be told I think it’s worked out nicely. But we’re nowhere near complete.

ROU Fold 2 is massive, new stories, new characters, new everything. The tales of the Heroes of OrigOlympus will be continued, with SO MANY new faces thrown in there. It’ll start releasing really soon, actually, with a monthly mini-series about Sebastian Merrick, more on that later. But, here’s the lineup of Fold 2: The Dark Ages, my guys.

Lore OrigOlympus- By SF Hades

The Foust Chronicles: The Red Pyramid Scheme– By SF_THRAWN

Jason Plates Versus Pleater McCrease- By SF Donatello

Nico Di Angefold: Pandora’s File– SF Hades!

The Foust Chronicles 2- SF_THRAWN

Pleaty Jackson: Welcome To Caesar Middle School- SF Hades

The Heroes of OrigOlympus: The Illiad- By SF Hades

And, as the start of ROU Oneshots: Vol 2, we have Origami Kronus by SF CD!

How’s that for a news update?

ROU Sunday #7- PART ONE

Athens Middle School will never be the same.

See you at 6:30CT.

ROU Sunday #6-

Howdy folks! Hades here, and I’m proud to present to yall folks….

Annashred! Read it at

I was honestly quite happy to experiment with edgier content on this one, as well as expanding upon the friendship between Ximena and Edward. Speaking of Edward, I have a doodle of him. Sebastian is here too, but we didn’t invite him.

Finally, the chapter titles for [REDACTED]


Omg I’m so sorry guys, we were a bit behind schedule. Anyways, Titan’s Curse Word has been updated.

No new Oneshots, but I got CD to work on one- hopefully he finishes it. I’d also like to reveal that I’m doing a oneshot, set after the crazy ending of TC.


I also have two images to share, first some doodles of the ROU cast. Expect more of these soon.

Night kids, gonna go watch Superman and Lois now.

Fold 4 Continues with Foldians!

The Foldians were in a bad place at the end of Infinity Folds – T.H.A.N.O.S. did a number on them. With a team in pieces, what will Cat and Noah do with themselves and their two halves of a whole team? Peyton’s final story for the MOU is out now, telling just that! Read it here and be sure to tell us what you think!

ROU Friday #4- Internal Panicking

Guys, guys, I’m sorry for being so late I was busy eating a variety of sandwiches back to back.

Today, we have quite a bit. Firstly, there’s the big one: part one

The beginning of the beginning’s end reaches it’s thrilling beginning with the first half of The Heroes of OrigOlympus: The Titan’s Curse Word being up now, go give it a read at

Next up, I present to you ANOTHER one-shot by Donatello, an important one starring The Hunters of Artemis, cleverly named The Hunters of Art-emis, respect the hyphen, and you can go and read it at

Finally, I have a new resource up on the hero’s journey