Episode I: The Rise of Jango Fortune

The Rise of Jango Fortune

By SuperFolder CJ

  1. This was STOOOOOOKTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Um....... that was THE 8TH WIERDEST BOOK I EVER READ! (and yes, i do sound like harvey.. I KNOW!)


  3. Awesome!

  4. Please make a new chapter

  5. I love these doodles!

  6. NICE!! You use the same style of writing I do! You’re probably even R.L. Stine level!

  7. This is a classic!

  8. Jamesblonde123

    This is amazing. Let me know if there is anything I can do to become a Superfolder or help out with your movie!

  9. Holy cow! This is Shakespearean!

  10. I.Freaking.Love.This!

  11. Ilovestarwarsorigami

    I want a story for this

  12. good story but origami yoda died in book empire pickeltine rides bus

  13. Did not. He went to help another child like Dwight at another school.

  14. guess what?I,ve made a a case file written by……….ORIGAMI YODA HIMSELF!

  15. Anyone have any ideas for my story The Evil Rise of Kylogami Ren? If so some tell go to andy9807.wordpress.com and tell me!

  16. please help me post this on origamiyoda.com
    i have an idea for a case file called -attack of the folds- its about a group of bullies as the sith lords coming to create a separatist movement and the rebellion must do what theyve never done; fight for the empire. a bunch of crazy things also happen- kellen, tommy and lance have joined the dark side. origami yoda comes back as well. and harvey even becomes foldi-wan.

  17. Tommy and Kellen Joins the dark side Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Who doodle in the case files

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