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Hey guys! Last DCOU Friday for a hot minute, but it’s probably my favorite, because the story I’ve been writing for like, EVER, is finally out. It’s separated into individual pages for parts, and soon, we’ll be hosting a cover-making contest for not just the overall story, but the parts themselves!

Guys — I want your thoughts, I want your opinions, I want discussion. This is gonna be a story I’m gonna be talking about for a while. It’s why each part has comments enabled. Give me your opinions; it’s the only way I can improve!

By the way— I wrote this story as something you don’t need the rest of the DCOU to understand, so if you haven’t read the other stories, that’s fine!

Read The Shredder Squad now!

The Site is Being Archived!… What Does That Mean?

Hey guys! I come to you all with some hard news, and it’s certainly going to be very important for you all to read this carefully.

With the ten year anniversary of the site’s creation, along with our many Origami Universes starting to approach a conclusion, me and the council have decided that it’s best to end it when it all… well, ends. So, for the next 24 weeks, we’re in the active process of streamlining and completing the appropriate stories needed. For example, there’s five (maybe six) DCOU Fold 4 stories (Yep! DCOU Fold 4 is happening), and I got to write two more for it, including the finale. When those are finished, then DCOU Fridays will begin again.

I’ve discovered that this has been the most effective method for content output. By collecting the entirety of the DCOU and then posting it weekly, it gives you guys something to read every week. Yeah, yeah, there’s content droughts, but that’s where this new scheduling process comes in:

On Mondays, there’s BTFOLDs/Video Games Origami Universe Mondays. This includes stories by Origami Master for his Video Game Universe, or the Between the Folds stories that other users have written (I’ve been told someone wants us to post Pirates of the Caribbean stories for the longest time, and so… we’ll get to it. I promise.)

On Tuesdays we have the Percy Jackson Origami Universe Tuesdays. Rather than Sundays, the Tuesdays release gives Hades time to put them out, and they make a lot more since for the schedule we have running.

On Wednesdays We got Wizarding Folds Wednesdays. This might be fairly short-lived, I don’t know how many stories Guillermo has left to post.

On Thursdays we have Revisited/Fold of the Rings. YES! These are still in the works, and hopefully they’ll be releasing in the next almost half-year.

On Friday is DCOU Friday, like usual.

NOTE: If there’s no stories for that week, that’s fine! There won’t be a post that day!

Everyday of the school week, because, well, we’re in school, these stories are to be posted at 4 PM – 10 PM. So when you guys get home, you have a fun story to read in your favorite Origami Universes!


That means that the stories for these Origami Universes will be posted by November 30, or Earlier. Throughout December is our Finale Arc of the Origami Universe, which we’ll announce the full slate next month for the 10 year anniversary.

Legends, elseworlds, one-shots, etcetera are also included in this Archive plan. COME TIME FOR DECEMBER 31, THE SITE WILL BE CLOSED TO POSTINGS. NO NEW STORIES AFTER THAT DATE. That means you have to finish what you want to do, and because of that…


If you’ve written one-shots that haven’t been posted, tell me! If you are still working on your new Legends story for 2022, tell me! I need slates, people! Slates! Your individual list of stories you’re writing! Some of your slates might need to be cut, and I’m happy to talk with you all about why we might think that.

I find that the best way to keep track of this is on a checklist on your phone. I have my goals all in track and people — we are finishing by the end of September!

These stories will also be collected into various Omnibuses. These Omnibuses will be collected into pages on the tabs of the VGOU, DCOU, MOU, Etcetera, and also saved onto our computers (when I have enough money, I’ll probably get them printed to have in my office, that way if something happens to the wordpress site, the stories are never, ever, ever truly gone.)

This Pinned page also acts as a Q&A too. If you have questions, you NEED to let us know! Me or one of the mods will answer it for you. This is going to be a time of many things: Great content, great stories, great conclusions, but most of all, it’s going to be a… a kind of stressful time.

DCOU Fold 3 is Approaching the END!!!

Hey guys!

Welcome to another DCOU Monday. This time, it’s the second to last story of the third Fold: Kingdom Cut: A Beautiful Lie.

Kingdom Cut: A Beautiful Lie is about Vietch Jimenez, Theresa Carter, and many others being brought into a conflict against other students. It’s a reflection of the wonderful series of Kingdom Come.

Be sure to give Hades your thoughts!

Here’s some Shredder Squad trivia…

There’s a few heroes from the DCOU appearing in the story, from Matthew Yen and Percival Miller, to even a SuPaperMan and a Batfold!

Really Quick Post – New PJOU post!

Hey guys, I have to make this really short, but Hades asked me to post a new entry in Fold Three: A Glorious Purpose.

This one is Label Levesque and the Hunters of Art-emis, also written by Donatello. I’d give a summary of it, but I have a midterm tomorrow, so I can’t do much for summarizing it, so you’re just gonna have to read it!

Remember if you’re gonna critique, be kind and courteous!


Hey guys! Sorry about the late nature of this post (and the one on Sonic the Foldhog!) But I am excited to show you guys the newest entry in DCOU Fold 3.

This story is still in progress, so expect a post within the next few days about it’s completion, but CJ Whogley’s story continues in Jar Jar Pleats’ “THE BATPEN!” I wanted to coordinate release schedules to coincide with The Batman’s release in theaters (I’m seeing it tomorrow! Please no spoilers!)

CJ returns after the whole Tin Titans saga to a Kane that is riddled with corruption and violence. Plus, he has to deal with a… familiar new face. Can he keep his head down? Or will everything go belly-up?

Read The BatPen Here.

Anyways… Let’s look into the future:

On Monday, you guys will be getting “Kingdom Cut” by SF Hades, and then… you’ll be getting the longest story on the site (so far), Shredder Squad

Here’s some Shredder Squad Trivia: There was going to be Nuclear Man, Matter Eater Lad, and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man on the team, but they were scrapped!

See you guys soon, and give Jar Jar your feedback!

DCOU Fold 3 Continues!

Hey guys! As we swiftly move through the DCOU, I am so excited to show you all Origami Master’s Young Justcrease!

Something happens to the main characters in this story, involving a mean substitute teacher, a team we’ve seen before, and the merging of another team. This isn’t something you’d want to miss. Read Young Justcrease today!

New Story for the Video Game Origami Universe!

Hey guys! Hades wanted me to post a story for PJOU, but something had come up, so today… you’re getting a pretty late post for… Sonic the Foldhog 2!

Mike Jones and his older brother, along with a new student named Oliver, have to defeat Mr. Pollock again! Can they do it? Check it out in Sonic the Foldhog 2: OriSonic Forces!

Remember you all, be kind, be considerate, and be sure that if you critique, be constructive with it. Great job OM53!

DCOU Friday – Rebirth

Hey, guys! DCOU Friday is BACK!

Continuing Fold 3, Steven Sue, a kid who has been running around as Origami Mister Miracle, has been caught in the crossroads with a new enemy, and a new conflict; can he be a master escape artist, and escape these responsibilities?

DCOU Fold 3 is going to be posted two times a week now, on Monday and Friday, until Fold 3 is completely posted, but that doesn’t mean that DCOU Friday is NOTHING! It’s still gonna be tons of fun because, holy crap, it’s DCOU FRIDAY!!!

Read Origami Mister Miracle Here

DCOU Fold Three Starts… TODAY!

Hey Guys! Things have been really busy with college, but I’ve finally gotten all of the DCOU stories for Fold 3 ready to be posted… starting… today!

Today, Green Paper Lantern 2: Derek Vs. Stuart has officially dropped. For the first time in a fold, we return to the classic characters of Parallaxigami and the Green Paper Lantern.

On top of that, some important One Shots by OM53, Kid Fold 3 and Red X-Igami have officially dropped. These are all fun stories guys, and I’m so excited that the second-to-last fold is officially getting off the ground.

This Friday, expect “Origami Mr. Miracle” By Superfolder Thrawn. After that, coinciding with the release of “The Batman,” expect Jar Jar’s “The BatPen.” Don’t forget to give your thoughts and feedback!

See you all soon!


Let me, uh, kick this off with an apology. The PJOU’s been on and off for a while now, and that really is my fault. But to be fair, I’ve been living my best life in the meantime. And hey! Guess what! I’ve been hard at work. In the next few weeks you might get all of Fold 3 at once 🥺🥺🥺 please forgive me Superfolder central chan

Anyways. New story. Nico Di AngeFold. I wrote this, like, half a year ago. No seriously, it’s crazy. Go read it, or whatever. Does anyone even read these anymore? It’s like, under the PJOU Fold 3 tab. Yeah. Bye.