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Super Smash Folds 2 is out!

When test scores are being sabotaged, Link is going to have to find out just who is behind it before Rapids Middle descends into chaos. By OrigamiMaster of course, you can read it here!

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Art-Mong Us is OUT!

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OriMario is OUT!

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OriMario is out! Originally in a developmental purgatory, I took it up to write, and in two hours I composed it. Hades wrote a scathing foreword for the story, but I had a ton of fun writing it. See Joe and Joe Martinet as they face off against the mysterious Origami Bowser Junior… Right here, at OriMario


Wow! TEN YEARS of the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe! (or SuperFolder Central, as it is now called).

I figured that ten years calls for a bit of a celebration. And while my first in-print book is nearing publication, I decided to make you all a story that’s a little more tied to the expanded universe of SFC that you know and love. Therefore, I have decided to create a character-driven conclusion to the Jacob Minch story arc that started a decade ago, and bring to you all the trialsome tale that is… MINCH.

You will find that story at

This adventure follows the Jacob Minch character formerly known as “Jim” as he reels with Noah’s cataclysmic reveal in Foldtastic Four–they used to be brothers, and he had an entirely different life, in another universe. With this startling revelation in mind, Jacob sets out to create a case file which documents and commentates on his crazy and weird and good and evil past lives throughout the multiverse, of which we know quite well, as he answers the big question: WHO IS JACOB MINCH?

Also, here is a video message from me to commemorate these ten years on the site!



Day Two Of The Leadup– The Origami Universe Slate!

Hey guys, Hades here to deliver you all Day Two of the ten year anniversary (of the first story). Tomorrow, we got a post from the man himself, JC. But today, oh boy, today’s a big one. I’m talking HUGE. You won’t want to miss this one….

If you read the title, you’ll know… we’re here to reveal the entire slate of the OU, or the last eight stories on this site, so without further ado, let’s just jump into it:

THE COLD OPEN- By SF Peyton, What happens when you put Ally Weber, Alan Wade, Sebastian Merrick, Mike Jones, Tim Baker and [REDACTED] in a room together, in front of thousands! You get one hell of a cold open to this series of stories!

A MEETING OF THE MINDS- By SF Hades, Another story, that will be released on the same day as the cold open. Follow one man’s descent into madness as he tries to bring together some of his greatest creations.

MULTIVERSUS, By OrigamiMaster_53, when a summer camp opens, one that brings heroes together in a way unlike anything we’ve ever seen, something happens to all of our favorite main characters.

THE BOOK OF BOBA FELT, By SF Peyton Take a journey back to McQuarrie Middle School and find just what happened to our favorite heroes, a decade later? And what of their greatest enemy, FunTime?

DOCTORIGAMI STRANGE IN THE FOLDVERSE OF MADNESS, By SF Guillermo, When Ikley Grammar School hosts a transfer program quite a few noteworthy heroes are ready to snap at the chance to study abroad.


THE SHREDDER SQUAD VERSUS THE COUNCIL, By SF Hades and SF Peyton, Man. Are you sure you want to know.

THE ORIGAMI UNIVERSE, By Various Superfolders, The final story on the site will be an anthology by the site’s greatest writers, capstoning ten years of collaborative effort. It’s been a joy to work with all of you.

And that’s it! I know, I know, alot to take in but I really want to hear what you guys have to say! These stories, me and Peyton have been keeping careful track of and they’re shaping up to be some of SFC’s best. Whether you’re an old or new user, I’d love for anyone to stop by and read what we have on store. And give us some feedback! Tell us everything, and I mean everything, you think!

The Lead Up to the Tenth Anniversary (of the first story) is Upon Us! — DCOU Announcements

Hey guys, Peyton here!

So… with the Tenth Anniversary of the website’s first story in literally two days (the 18th), I have decided to do some announcements for the DCOU.

Firstly, we’re still hoping to get the rest of the Batpen to you all. Jar Jar’s putting in the effort. But, because of this, I am not comfortable with starting to post Fold Four.

Yes… Fold Four is happening! The end, Fold Three was not!

This post is mainly to showcase the Fold Four slate, which will end at the end of July. Attached here will also include brief summaries of the stories, so you can guys can start theorizing…

Ready to begin?

Here we go:

Wonder Folder: Odyssey by Guillermo involves the past catching up with Theresa Carter, facing an old friend.

Young Justcrease 2 by Origami_Master53 has a revamped team of sidekicks. They face a new enemy that spans all three schools.

The Fold vs The Reverse Fold By Noah is the conclusion of the Fold Trilogy, and it brings in one of Noah’s favorite Flash villain! He’s spoken about how he’s always wanted to do this character, and I feel like the title is explanatory: The Fold fights the Reverse Fold. Who will win?

Sirens of Pleat: The Kane Conspiracy by Hades combines many different DCOU women into one team, the Gotham City Sirens, and the Birds of Prey, all these rogues coming together for a common goal… and, yup, the sirens are blaring. Kane is in danger.

The Shredder Squad: Expel the Justice Pleats also by Hades follows a new Shredder Squad team, a year after the Brainiac war that the original Shredder Squad team waged. On this fresh team… nobody is safe. Not even the Justice Pleats.

Batfold 5 (untitled) by yours truly (SF Peyton) is something I cannot talk about.

And last, but certainly not least

Final Creases by me! This title was one I’ve wanted to reveal for a long time. Doctor Tenebris is pulling some strings, and everyone is on edge because of it. In this finale of the DCOU, how will all these characters we’ve gotten to know and love interact and face this superintendent?

I am so excited to share with you guys more of the DCOU in the coming future. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s to ten years of Origami!

The SFC First Family: Jacob, Noah and Frankie in Lego!

You may not know that today, April 12th, 2022, is the official ten-year anniversary of Superfolder Central! Of course, back when it started it was the EU, all about expanding the world of the Origami Yoda books. There’s supposed to be more anniversary stuff coming soon (it was all very slapdash, let me say), I wanted to commemorate the date by drawing the ‘first family’ of the SFC: Jacob, Noah, and now Frankie Minch! (See, Noah and Frankie are married now.)

Jacob was created all those years ago for the Week of Papertine, Frankie was initially a member of the Fellowship of the Paper in Fold of the Rings, and Noah was created by (gasp) me, Noah, to be the Mary Suest of Mary Sues. Originally they had nothing to do with each other, but due to the Rise of the Bounty Hunters, Noah and Jacob were revealed to be twin brothers and Noah and Frankie began dating. They’ve gone through a lot, these three, and it’s insane to see how they’ve grown at the same time as the writers.

Who knows, I may draw more of these characters soon, but for now, it’s always great to remember our history!

Ł()K! is done!

Ł()K! is done!

MOU Behind the Scenes: The Imperfect Iron Fold and How to Do a Sequel

This might be a recurring thing, who knows.

On the SFC, there are a lot of sequels. I’ve written a ton, and have been ever since people seemed to like Month of the Skyfolders almost eleven years ago. I’m old, folks.

If you have a full and complete story, how do you improve on the ending and prove that a sequel is worth existing? The first story has to be a complete story, obviously. Your main character goes on their character arc and everything is wrapped up in a tidy little bow. And yet, a sequel is supposed to build on that foundation and prove that it deserves to exist.

Not all of my sequels have been good. Going back to the Skyfolders example (And I mean the original Skyfolders, not the one edited for Bounty Hunters) we have Skyfolders 2, where Jacob comes back for no reason. Then Skyfolders 3 where Noah gets a clone for some reason. Noah’s always been big on doubles. These stories don’t have much of a reason to exist beyond existing, and as such, they’re bad sequels. Still had a ton of fun writing them though. Gosh, they were so dumb, but they were so fun.

Fast forward about five years, and it’s now time to write the sequel to The Invincible Iron Fold. The first was a pretty big deal, since it started the MOU and introduced the very important character of Clark Anthony Largent. He went on his character arc of becoming a ‘hero’, though still being a bit rough around the edges. (See the ending where he leaves Nard out to dry.) And then, he joins the OrigAvengers, saves the grades, and is now the Iron Fold.

Thinking of a sequel was very difficult. I had the inkling to adapt something similar to Demon in a Bottle, but, you know, without the alcoholism, and featuring an origami Madame Masque as the villain. Fun fact: Cassidy Lashay was originally going to be this Madame Masque until she was cut out and became Scarlet Witch later. This just wasn’t working, though. What helped cause a breakthrough was asking a question: where would Clark’s head be at this time? If he’s already susceptible to pride and prejudice, where would that lead him if he’s one of the heroes of the school?

From there, the story became fully formed: Clark’s pride is the villain of the story as he wrestles with all of this attention and figures out how a hero is supposed to act. Because until this story, Clark isn’t that great of a person. He’s a good guy, sure, but he doesn’t know how to be one. The purpose of the Imperfect Iron Fold was to bring Clark up the level of being a true hero.

From there, everything fell into place; Cal, trying to be Clark’s sidekick; Robby, worried about his best friend; a repentant Nard helping bring him back to ground zero, and the one I’m most proud of, Emily masterminding a scheme to help Clark see the error of his ways. Emily was a fairly standard love interest in the first story, and this new role gave her some much-needed flavor to show just why she was Clark’s better half!

Ultimately, The Imperfect Iron Fold became one of my favorite stories that I’ve written here on the SFC and helped dictate the arcs of Clark, Emily, and Cal all throughout the rest of the MOU.

So, are sequels hard? Absolutely. But here’s my advice: when writing a sequel, ask yourself the question: where is my character at right now? If you’re able to map out a character’s thoughts and how the events of the last story may have changed their perspective, roll with it. If a character gained confidence last time, could they also be overconfident? If a character gained a family last time, how do they interact with that family? If they got a good sandwich, what did they think of the sandwich?

Sometimes, a sequel really isn’t necessary. But if you can ask interesting questions and show just why your characters are worth the focus, you could have something that’s even better than the original!