Jason Plates Versus Pleater McCrease!

Jason Plates Versus Pleater McCrease

By SF Donatello

War??? WHAT

By Bart Montez

I’ve collected the following case files from many places. A war is breaking out between two students that I may be the only one capable of stopping.

Life Is Strange

By Chase Kemp

I’ve been beat. I always thought being a hero was easy. You beat up the bad guy and yippie you’re a hero. My sister was Origami Neptune and I looked up to her. She could always be positive even when she was expelled and never got to see her friends for a while.

Like sister, like brother. That slightly rewritten saying describes my life kinda. She folded Origami Neptune and was part of the roman gods at Creaser (My old school) then she went back to Athens and became Thalia Plates. While I was back at Caesar, as Foldy jackson. I was a hero but now I’m looked at like trash by everyone. My peers, My teachers and my freaking Mom.


By Kayto 

I’m sick of this origami stuff, as they call it. I’m sick of people going:

“I’m the Mina-Tore, I’m gonna get you!” Then Chase would just kick them or something.

My mom didn’t want me in Creaser partly because I had no friends. She always liked Chase, calling him Chasey. I think she shipped us or something. She also wasn’t the biggest fan of puppet folding, she thought Chase was cute- being Foldy Jackson, but other than that she hated it. She said at the High school she went to, people had DC puppets in the nineties. I hear it’s that school Alan Wade goes to which, side note, I’m sick of all the girls simping over him, like he’s Robert Pattinson or something) She herself never folded a puppet. Although for someone who hated the puppet craze Athens was the worst choice. Anywho, I’ll write about that. (Bart’s note: who the heck says anywho?)

So my mom dropped me off. Usually kids are all “MOM DONT LET ME BE SEEN WITH YOU” 

But I couldn’t care less. She was a pretty cool Mom, and got me into classic rock. After she dropped me off I’m greeted by a woman with short blonde hair. I recognized her as Chase’s Mom.

“Katyo? Is that you! Oh my gosh!!!! Chase will be SO excited to see you!” She smiles at me which is kinda weird. Usually she is pretty calm but now she seems to have the world record for most Red Bulls drank. 

“Oh um, that’s cool. How’s it been?” I ask

“Oh Chase has been grounded all summer, all he really did was read those silly books.” She said with a weird looking smile. Lady, you’re thirty something with an origami finger puppet and the weirdest thing to you is a book? 

“Well you better get to class! Your first class will be… let’s see here ..homeroom!”

Wow thanks, I didn’t know. 

“In room thirty. With- ” She pauses and makes a disgusted face “Mr. Fells.”

 I see a few kids, not a lot, maybe fifteen? Which is very small compared to the thirty kid classes at Caesar. It’s a woodworking room and I see one kid making something which I think is a healthcode violation

“Howdy,” Says Mr. Fells.

“Hello there,” I say in a partly British voice.

“General Kenobi” Says the kid in the back he looks up.

“Ahh another star wars fan”

He just smiles and gets back to working on whatever he’s working on. I walk over to talk to him.
“What are ya workin on?” I ask

“This? This is my dragon.” He says picking it up.

It’s a piece of wood carved to look partly like a dragon and partly like a cup holder holding a Capri Sun.

“I installed that last night,” he says, sipping the Capri Sun. 

“Oh uh cool…” I say

“I call him fest-wood” he says sanding it a bit

“As in festus? The metal dragon from Heroes of olympus?” 

“Exactly! Someone gets the pun!” He shouts

“Oh no, the pun sucks.” I joke.

He chuckles before Mr. Fells calls everyone to their seat for attendance. He says a few random names before he calls on me.
“Kaitlyn Somrew,” He says.

I hear a few snickers.

“I just go by kayto oh, and uh, here.” 

“I hear you’re new, by any chance have you heard of the Athens legacy? Like our origami?” 

“No, not at all.” I lie. 


By Bart

Katyo (as she wants to be called) probably talked about Fest-wood. I’ve been working on him for a month now. He’s freaking cool. I should probably write about something else since that was brief and self explanatory. And you’re probably wondering

“Wow, Bart, you’re so skilled and stuff, where did you get these epic skillz?”

From my Uncle Nick AKA Mr. Fells (As you may know him.)

That’s basically all, so uh, seeya.

I Have The Most Crappy Morning

By Chase

Today= Total Crap Fest.

Ok so, uh, here. I’ll start: Today started off greatly, actually! Wake up, put my copy of Mark of Athena in my backpack and sit down and get breakfast.

“Howdy,” says my Dad, looking up from his phone, “ I got you this as a first day of a new school gift.”

He hands me a Camp Half- Blood mask and a copy of the Demigod Diaries. 

“Thanks , Dad!” I say “Now I’ll have something to pass my eternal boredom!” 

“Look son… I believe you about that *&^%@#, Flynn he probably faked it but look on the bright side! He won’t be at Athens. 

My sister comes down the stairs. 

“Morning bro,” She says grabbing our box of Tony, The Tiger King flakes.

“Bro, where did you get those?” I ask.

“Comic book store. That guy, what’s his name, Billy, yeah, Billy, he was handing them out.” She says. 

“Billy… I remember him in Middle School. He was freaking annoying. Real piece of #*![@.”

You see, I always liked my dad alot. He never seemed nearly as strict as Mom.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked.

“Went in early. She always has, it’s the first Day of school” Said my Dad

“Oh and you two will be riding the bus.”

See, this is where my day starts to become a turd farm.

When I get on, my sister sits next to her friend Keana McDaniels who’s one of the “Hunters of Art-emis.” Crap. The only seat open is in the back next to some kids who look like they could snap my spine in half. I sit down and read Mark of Athena some more.

“Look at this kid over here, reading. Like, reading A BOOK.” one snickers. His voice is so squeaky he sounds like a mouse. No joke. 

“Yeah, I’m getting smart.”

I say not looking up. 

“Shut up (*^%$# We know your Mom and she’s also a-” I punched them.

“Shut up about my mom,” I said firmly. I take out Foldy Jackson

“Little fan boy, wants to be Astley” Another one snickers.

“Rick Astley?” 

He punched me and kicked me to the aisle and kept hitting me. 

“That’s ought to teach you a lesson,” He said 

“Yeah. Hey what’s the lesson?” A goon ask

“Not to be a little %$@^&.”

After that I have a swollen lip, A bloody nose and a headache that feels like crap and a crumbled puppet. I threw him out the window. Foldy Jackson can’t save me. No one can. 

I Run Into Chase

By Kayto

Me and Bart were discussing if Goku could beat Shaggy- we both agreed Shaggy would show no mercy- when suddenly I hear a grumbling sound. 

“Hey, you okay?” I ask. 

I turn around and see Chase. 


I hug him, but he pushes me off.

“Can I see your old Annashred puppet?” He asks.

I kept it in my binder as a good luck charm. I saw no harm, so I handed her over.

“Uh, there. Please return her…”

He rips Annashred.”

“CHASE!” I shouted “Why!?”
“We are tools to the stupid OrigOlympians!”

“Stranger, I’ve just met you, and you’re already on my crazy list.” Bart jokes. 

Chase made a little smile and walked away.

I Had a Bad Afternoon!

By Chase

I said my day was bad… not just the morning. So here it is: After the bus incident, I ditched Foldy Jackson. I looked at my email. Maybe I would get an email from NASA on how they should rename planets after greek gods. I only see one new email in my inbox.


Flynns email… I knew it. I opened it. 

Flynn: Look I know you hate me. But I think we could come to a partnership. The gods at Athens must be destroyed. Please be my partner, man, we can raise a new OrigOlympus. 

I emailed back.

Me: No. I can’t afford to get in more trouble. Now do me a favor and get out of the life you ruined. 

I got a response immediately. 

Flynn: I know I messed up! Please I can be redeemed. Look if you’re interested, meet me at the junkyard. See you there. 😉

Heck No. Or at least that’s what I thought before I was called to the office. 

My Mom tells me to sit down

“Chase, let’s look at some bus footage.”


She plays the bus footage of me punching that kid. 

“But Mom, he said something about you!”

“Chase, stop! Just ignore them. Pains me to day this, you get detention.” 

I slam the office door. I can do that because she’s my Mom. 

Just then Lina grabs me from behind. 

“You okay?” She asks.

“No. Our Mother gave me detention on the first day of school.”

“Oh well there’s someone I want you to meet, m’kay?”

She takes me to the library and I see Mrs. Strohm stared at me.

“This is Chase Kemp. My brother.” Lina said

“Hi, I’m Ximena!” Said the girl. She had deep green eyes, and her hair was… weird. Like, it couldn’t decide what color it was. I notice her Annabeth puppet. I scowl. 

“What you are, is a slave to the OrigOlympians.” I said, because it was true.

“Is your brother the new Sebastian?” Ximena jokes. “At least he looks the part,” she points at my hair.

I run out of the room and grab my phone. I open Gmail. I only have one conversation there. The one with Flynn. 

“Yeah, I’ll be there,” I email.

Foldy Jackson is dead.

Chase Goe Rouge

By Bart

So some psycho ripped Kayto’s awesome origami.

“Who was that?!?!” I asked.

“My friend, Chase back at Caesar, he was Foldy Jackson. I was Annashred.”

“What about Grover?”

“My EX friend…Flynn.”

“Holy crap he raised a whole army and was planning to take down the origlympians!” I shout.

I myself was involved in a fight last night. I was squirting Capri Suns at people. I had to stop some maniac from starting a fire, too. 

“That last kid… Flynn. He was a real sicko.”

“Wait, you know him?” 

“Yeah. He caused a bunch of problems for us.” 

Kayto had a sickened look on her face, “Is it possible that… Flynn got to Chase? I mean, Chase was a hero.” 

“If that’s the case, I see no doubt. This wouldn’t be the first time that Flynn turned a Foldy Jackson evil.” 

The Junkyard

By Chase

I wasn’t riding the bus. Not again. I walked home for that reason, plus, I needed to visit the junkyard. I’m greeted by a kid wearing a bathrobe, a Jason Voorhees mask, and sadly, nothing else. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

“Let me in, man!”
“No can do, you’re not on the guest list.”

Flynn comes up to me.

“Chase? That you?”

He looks worse than ever. He had bags under his bloodshot eyes and his ginger hair was about to his neck. He had wisps of a neckbeard growing. 

“Yeah,” I said. 

“Sam, let him in!” Flynn said “I can replace Origami Atlas.”

The door swings open. 

Flynn grins, and I follow him. There’s a big bonfire and a few kids sitting around it.

“That fight last night got us down to only about twelve kids. But we got stronger.” 


“We’re only as strong as our weakest link.”

He grabs a cup of kool aid cup that I smack out of his hands and into the blaze. 


“I made you what you are,” He says, casually. 

Some kids come over. One wearing a hoodie with a big blue greek delta grabs my neck and puts me in a chokehold.

“Throw him out, Chase you really are stupid.”

Then I blacked out.

Where In The World Is Chase Kemp?

By Lina

After school, Chase walked home. I thought nothing of it, however, when he wasn’t home after an hour, we started getting worried. My mom was crying and my dad was calling the police, trying to report him missing. 

I go on a walk. Something I do when I feel stressed. Chase is a good kid. I doubt he’s gone rogue. I kept telling myself that. I walk past Mac’s apartment building. Dang, I miss him. Suddenly, I hear a voice behind me.

“Going somewhere?” 

I turn to see someone in a blue hoodie holding Chase in a chokehold.

“Let him go,” I said, firmly.

“No can do,” Said the mysterious voice. It sounded sorta like a girl.

Chase looks passed out. I see him breathing, luckily.

I kick the kid and grab Chase.

“Okay, man?” I ask.

He opens his eyes and shoves me down.

“Who am I kidding? I’m not Foldy Jackson, I’m not even a hero, I-I’m a nobody. I’m a loser!”

He sobs and runs home.

I feel freaking bad.

We Follow An Absolute Stranger!

By Bart

We had to face the facts. Chase…he’s gone astray. Like Hawk from Cobra Kai.

“I feel… bad,” Kayto says in the homeroom.

“Kid, there’s enough of that going around.” Says a voice.

We both look behind to see a girl in a Hunger Games shirt with gray eyes.

“Howdy, Ximena.” Said the girl.

“Oh hi, I’m Kayto, Kayto Somrew., I like your shirt.” Said Kayto. “This is my friend Bart.” 

“Wait, hold up, your mom Ashley Somrew?” Ximena asked.

“Yeah, why?” Kayto asked, confused. 

“I’ve  got something for you…”

She told us to follow her to the library. Totally not sketchy. 

“This… This belongs to you” Said Ximena handing Kayto a red notebook with the words
Art-rodite’s tale written on it

“Wha-” Said Kayto

“It’s about your Mom, don’t show it to anybody, okay?”

“Where did you find this?” I asked

“Old case file in C.R.O.N.O.S’s lair, Sebastian made them ALL public.”

We thanked Ximena and looked at a random chapter.

No More Art-rodite…

By Ashley 

Date: March 15th, 1992

Look if you find this… chances are I’ve… been forgotten. Erased from every (known) database. I was talking to Varsity Kemp with her little Origami Zeus.

“You are a traitor to Caesar,” she said firmly.
“No, no, please!”

My dad got a job in California, he starts this summer. Meaning I’ll have to go to start highschool in California. But it’s more than that, I did them wrong. I betrayed their code. 

“You will be forgotten. Never remembered as people look back at these myths.”

She took my Art-rodite puppet and put her in her pocket

“Go, now.”

And I’m forgotten.

We Confront Mrs. Kemp

By Kayto

After reading the chapter we were surprised. My mom was Art-rodite! We decided to talk to Mrs. Kemp about it. I got the recorder on my phone and put my phone in my pocket.

Me: Hi, Ms. Kemp!

Mrs Kemp: Howdy Bart. Kayto.

Bart: What is this? (Puts Art-rodite casefile on desk)

Mrs. Kemp: That? Oh uh (She chuckled, kinda nervous) Ok there are certain bloodlines in the Origlympians that have been…..ditched. Storylines we needed to cut, y’know. 

Bart and me: WHAT?

Mrs Kemp: Your mother was one. I know what I did wasn’t exactly right. I still regret it, from time to time but she was moving to Calafornia!

Bart: Lady, that’s freaking terrible. 

Mrs. Kemp: I know, I know please don’t tell Chase or Lina. I don’t want them to see me like this

Me: Okay, I understand.

Mrs. Kemp: one more thing Kayto… Tell your Mom that I’m sorry. 

Me: Fine.

I Learn Tap Dancing From a 20 Year Old Man!

By Kayto

After we left the office and finished the day, Bart texted me.

Bart: You know Debbie Dons?

Me: That dancing studio?

Bart: yeah sure meet me there

I walked there and was greeted by a woman with dark black curly hair. 

“Um, hi I’m Kayto.”

“Oh, hi! I’m a lady who’s going through her mid life crisis at the age of twenty and talks to kids for my job, when I originally wanted to be a math teacher but am left to work at the counter for a children’s dojo for my fiance’s stupid dream. How can I help you?” She smiled. 

“Amy, chill.” Said a guy who I guessed was her fiance. “I’m Mr Alexander. Are you looking to sign up? First class is free.”

“Hey Kayto!” Said Bart, strolling in. 

“Kayto. That’s a nice name!” Said Mr. Alexander.

“Hi,” I said. “Hey, can I sign up?”

“Of course! We’re happy to have you! You’ll be starting with basic tap dance.” said Mr. Alexander.

He then went and got on a Michael Jackson suit. 

“This is my life now child.” Said Amy.

He led me to a room with some more kids, all practicing tap dancing

“Now basic move. Step forward, sideways and backwards.”

I tried, and I got it right. Eventually.

“Now, try that again but faster and go to the right and left.” He said.

He put in a Billie jean CD and started tap dancing. 

“My guy, why are you so obsessed with Michael Jackson?” I asked

“My friend, Frankie got me to play Micheal Jackson: The Game on Wii.” He said “Now show me all you know, child.”

I showed him my little routine again and he clapped. 

“Now it’s time to sort you in your cabin.”

He gave me a multiple choice test. 

“Here,” he said

“That’s it? This? I thought you had… I dunno a magic hat.”

“You want a magic hat?”

He handed me a hat, in big cartoon letters it said ‘I’m a Debbie Don Dance Dojoer!” 

“Only twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents!”

“Errrr, I’m good.”

I answered all the questions and I came to the final one

Which of these is what you want to find in life?

I figured this was like the sorting hat and it came to my opinion so I looked at the options.

A. Honor

B. Protection

C. Loyalty

D. Travel

E. Growth

F. Wisdom

G. Battle

H. Love

I. Foresight

J. Independence

K. Delirium

I circled H or love. I want to find love in my life. I want to be happy in my life. Mr. Alexander takes a look at my test and gives me back the test

“Congratulations welcome to Cabin Ten, Love”

Art-Prodite File

By Bart

I was looking around at the Art-prodites file some more, in the library. I always wondered why an Aphrodite type character was never at athens.

“What ya got?” The voice asked.

I turned around to see Sebastian Merrick. Sebastian’s become a bit of a loner. A social outcast, but he’s honestly a really nice guy. (I heard 3 ghosts visited him last night and now he’s handing out toys.)

“Old case file,” I said

“From C.R.O.N.O.S?” Sebastian said peeking over my shoulder.

“Yeah do you recognize this one?” 

I handed him the red notebook.

“Look, C.R.O.N.O.S had LOTS of old case files, heck, I’ve only read a few so…. No.”

Sebastian said “Art-prodites case file? As far as I know there was never an origami Aphrodite Where’d you get this?”


“We haven’t found any descendants of this Art-Prodite have we?”

Just then Kayto walked in.

“Well, actually, her.” I pointed at Kato. 

“What about me?” Kayto said as if she was trying to defend herself.

“Your mom, Art-Prodite.”

“Oh, and this is Sebastian, call him Seb.” I said

“Like… the fish?”

“Kid, do I look like a fish?” Sebastian said. 

“Yes.” We both said.
“Hey, I wanna show you something.” Said Kayto.

“What?” I asked. 

“Drum roll, please.” We drum rolled. And from her pocket she pulled out a puppet. 

“Pleater McCrease.” She said, “I never thought I was an Annashred. Not as much of a warrior.”

I smile. 

“Well, looks like we’ve got our first non percy Jackson origami character.” Said Sebastian. 

The Kemps Freakout At Baskin Robbins 

By Chase

This is probably gonna be a lame chapter. But it’s important to my mini case file. I’ll title it, let’s see, Chase Kemp’s crappy life: Tales of a Sixth Grade Loser.

Before you ask, I’ve already sent it to a publisher.

When I wake up I see Lina trying to hug me.

“You okay, man?” Lina asks me.

“Who am I kidding? I’m not Foldy Jackson, I’m not even a hero, I-I’m a nobody. I’m a loser!” I said, crying. 

I pushed Lina back and ran home.

When I swing open the door I’m trampled by Mother. 

“Chase! I thought you were missing!”

“Yeah, Yeah.” I said. 

“Look, where were you.” I showed her my scar from where I had been hit. “Uh…. I had a bicycle accident and had to wait for it to be fixed by a strange and wise asian man.” 

She nodded. “Happens to all of us, how about we go out for Ice Cream?” My Mom asked. 

“Aren’t you mad at me? I literally got detention from you?”

Just then, my sister suddenly comes through the door. She looks at me for a bit before she walks away.

“Lina! Me and Chase will be at that new ice cream shop at the mall!” My mom shouted.

In the car, my Mom turns on some old song. I myself never cared for vintage music.

“What flavor are you gonna get?” My mom asked.

“Cookie dough.”

I always got cookie dough. Don’t ask why but it’s so freaking good.

When we get to the shop we go in to see a boy and a girl, both look around fifteen maybe sixteen.

“Welcome to uhh” He started “Susie, what is this place called, again?”

“Uh I dunno Baskin Robbins?”

“Okay uh- “
“Lady we don’t want the name just please take our order.” My mom said. (She sounded like a Karen)

“Okay uh what do you want?”

“Please ask like you really care and not like this is the only job that you can flirt and get paid at the same time.” Said my Mom. I was trying so hard not to laugh through my Mandalorian mask. 

“Okay, lady, what the (*(&*&^^%$$%&Q@#^%$R^Q*%&#Q^&% DO YOU FREAKING WANT YOU ($*&*()” Said The girl

“Dude, I’ll take cookie dough and get her vanilla okay? Got that? Too much to handle?” I said

“Okay kid…” Said the boy.

After a few minutes the girl tossed them on our table while muttering curses that are way too bad to put here.

“Chase, about your behavior…” My Mom says after a silence. 

“Oh this is what this is? YOU GOT ME FREAKING ICE CREAM JUST SO YOU  ME?!?” I screamed

“Chase you stop RIGHT NOW!”

Some people were staring at us. 

“You know what? I don’t even want some *^)*(^% ICE CREAM.” I scream. “EVERYONE LOST FAITH IN ME! KAYTO AND EVERYONE DIDN’T THINK YOU WOULD TOO!” I toss my ice cream in the trash and run to the car like the brat I am.

That Creep, Flynn, Emails Me

By Kayto

I log into Gmail. I don’t know why I barely ever get on. I have two new messages. 


These ads are getting freaking frustrating. I scroll and see my second email

Kayto… How have you been?.
I looked at the email . 


Flynns stupid email. I message him back

Hey there )(*&^^%$%^$%^&$% Still a (**&^*? 

Usually I never cuss but Flynn is a little (&%^&. Well, $*#(@)!) I did it again.

Flynn emails me back.

Flynn: Look you’ve heard about CRONOS, correct? Truth be told we’re not dead, we’re still around. But we’re down to low, low numbers. please join. you know what Mrs. Kemp did to your Mom, and 

that wasn’t cool. Join me please. and don’t cuss me and my brother share this email.

Me: Have you not heard? Probably not since you’re in your underground cult base. Students are now the Origlympians and they can be better! Stop annoying me, okay?

Flynn: Chase is already on my side. Well kinda. We both have the same view of the situation.

Me: Go away before I come to your house and beat the crap out of you. Got that?

I’m really sick of Flynn.

Chase Does Even More Stupid Crap

By Lina

Look, I feel extremely bad for chase. The kids lost confidence. Hes also been doing extremely stupid stuff. I’ll write all of this down. 

Monday: Tries to riot against the origlympians by playing this Lemkuuja song called “What’s A Future Funk?” Saying it’s his battle cry.

Tuesday: Makes a bunch of OrigOlympian puppets and has them all rip up paper while playing “What’s A Future Funk?” Oh yeah and then he ripped the puppets.

Wednesday: Changes his battle cry to the Big Chungus song, which if you ask me is a pretty dead meme.

Thursday: Makes an army out of origami Kermit the Frogs and gives them each a roman battle suit. 

Friday: Tries to rip Mom’s Zeusigami. Almost succeeded.  

Saturday: Makes a battle cry playlist that contains

What’s a Future Funk?
Big chungus 

Fishy on me (That weird Fortnite song)

I mean most of it was just him doing weird music crap. (Also he’s now making a remix of Fishy On Me and I have to share a room with him.)

The “Battle”

By Bart

When I say “Battle” you probably think people with machine guns attacking each other but this? This was like a battle you see your five year old sister watch on some crappy nickelodeon tv show.

Anyway, me and Kayto were walking to math when we heard a faint voice.


I recognized it as that psycho’s voice.

“Dude, please don’t rip my puppet.” I said taking out my newest puppet, Leo Foldez. 

“No… I myself am a puppet.” Said Chase with a smile.

“Chase, please, just give up!” Kato says,”The stupid OrigOlympians are crap, yeah, I know! But you’re related to some, heck, your Mom is one!” Kayto said.

“No. I was… a slave. But no more now. I am Papermetheus. And I am raising a new generation… THE TICREASE!!!”

“Ticrease? Like Titans? Bro, that pun sucks. No offense” I said, honestly. Kayto looked at me and gave me the evil eye.

“Now Kayto… we must fight! Unless you want to remain a slave! Join me, and we can take down this school piece by piece. We can be the new generation. What do you say?” Said Chase with a giant grin.

“I think you’ve gone insane. Why do I know you’ve gone insane? Because Ximena warned me. One of those CHRONOS members betrayed them- betrayed you, and told them about how Flynn is manipulating you. You have to snap out of this!” said Kayto while I was holding back giggles. 

Chase got all mad and grabbed out Paper-Metheus which kinda fitted him, ya know? He was betrayed by Zeusigami, he had good intentions but just gave off evil vibes, etc.

“Now Kayto, BATTLE ME!” Screamed Chase.

“First to rip the others puppet wins.” said Chase

Suddenly, Kayto raised Pleater McCrease. 

“Rip her, go ahead. Win” Said Kayto.

Chase laughed and grabbed Pleater. She looked at Kayto in her eyes. And then there was this look in his eye. A look I had seen across the battlefield in Sebastian. 

“I’m sorry,” He said.

The Battle: Part Two

By Chase

“I’m sorry,” I said. 

Suddenly I remembered everything me and Kyto saw at the museum. Flynn was laughing, maybe this was when he was good. We were laughing right after we found our second pearl. (We had to take them to Origami Pluto) We all had Sonic drinks. We were also sharing mozzarella sticks. 

Kayto looked at me and smiled. Life was so- so simple back then. 

I took Kayto’s puppet, Dropped it and looked into Paper-metheus’s tiny paper eyes. 

“Sorry,” I muttered.

I ripped Paper-Metheus. I’m not Prometheus anymore, nor am I a hero. 

“I failed you, Kayto.” I said.

“No. You haven’t. You didn’t fail anybody, because I never lost faith in you” Said Kayto.

“Even after he ripped your puppet?” asked Bart, “Because, that’s like, punishable by death.

“SHUT UP!” Me and Kayto said. 

Me and Kayto hugged… she kissed me on the cheek not a “Oh I like you” Type kiss more of a “We’re friends again? Good” type kiss.


By Chase

Me, Bart and Kayto were all in my basement playing this Star Wars roleplaying game. (My grandma got it for me and Lina when she went to California. She said she found it at a thrift store.) Me and Kayto were sitting so close our shoulders touched. Then Lina came down with a plate of nachos. 

“Break it up, love birds,” Lina said sarcastically, holding back a smile. 


Lina chuckled. 

I pulled a puppet out of my pocket. Rimmed glasses, golden locks, purple toga and shirt. My new puppet, Jason Plates. 

“After I gave up Paper-Metheus, I decided I’m more of a Jason Grace type person.” I said. Kayto clapped, and Lina shrugged. “I predicted that plot twist like- a year ago, dude.” 

Bart pulled out his own puppet. Leo Foldez. Kayto pulled out her Pleater McCrease. 

Yeah, life is good. 


By Ximena Strohm

Something about these new stories just doesn’t add up. I’m getting letters in the mail from a “Alexander, The Plate” figure. My suspicions directly tie to my brother. It is my belief that the war against CHRONOS was part of something larger. Maybe, in the aftermath of it all, CHRONOS won.

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