The Hunters of Art-emis

The Hunters of Art-emis
By SF OrigamI Donatello 

The Hunters
By Kaitlyn 

Volleyball practice every monday,tuesday and thursday. Can I tell you a secret? It’s not volleyball. It’s an undercover group run by Ms. Hunter called the Hunters of Art-emis, which is, y’know, really ironic. 

The Oath 
By Ms. Hunter 

Kaitlyn told me she was doing some casefile like those kids, Mac, Ximena, and Dennis did. She told me to talk about her first day. It all started after that astley kid folded what’s his name? Percy Jackson, I think. During my time in middle school I was known as Art-emis and studied Greek Mythology (Unlike that kid Tyler who just passed doodles!). I paid attention to everything! The Titans,The Olympians, all the ‘heroes’. 

I actually paid attention, so when I caught wind that kids were folding puppets again I decided to whip out my old Art-emis puppet, yes, you heard that correctly. Back in the day, I was one of the core twelve OrigOlympians. Then while I started rereading all greek stuff I came across one specific myth… The Hunters of Artemis. A group led by Artemis, all women, of course. It also has a bunch of Hunters so I decided to start my own group. First things first, I Had to find a group of girls. Principal Kemp had put me in charge of the Girls Volleyball team so I figured I could get a few of the girls to join. 

Then I realized I had to have the whole TEAM be the hunters.Tryouts was later that week loads of girls came to try out, None were that good… until one walked in. She could do all the drills and was perhaps the best player I’ve ever seen.
“Great job and I mean that!” I shouted.
“Yeah? Really? Wow, uh… thanks.” says the girl.
I immediately put her down as the team captain. Later that month it was the first ever practice I had with her, My niece, Keana and a few others were there when I announced something. 
“How many of you have ever read the greek myths?” I asked, shouting. 
Only Keana and the good at tryouts girl raised their hands 
“OK uh how about that book uh what’s it called percy jackson?” I asked. A few years ago I read the beginning of the third one, to Keana, when she was much younger, it was okay. 
But almost all raised their hands except for one girl in the corner who was just scrolling through Reddit.
“Ok, well have any of you heard of the Hunters of Artemis?”
“Yeah,” half of them said.
“Well that is what this year’s volleyball will be themed! You will each take an oath and will be made members” I shouted.
The Reddit girl looked up at me.
“What are we all gonna be weirdos like that Astley kid, geez he blares a bad lip reading in the hallways” she said.
“A bad what?!” I asked.
“Nevermind” she muttered
“Oh uh Ok, I would like to clarify this is a PRIVILEGE and you all may be replaced if you start acting up, Any questions?”
The girl who was good during tryouts raised her hand
“Um hI my name is Kaitlyn, What exactly is the oath?”
“Like the Hunters you each will NOT be allowed to have boyfriends.”
A different girl raised her hand. 
“WHAT WHY? Does that break like… any board of education laws or-” she asks. I cut that nonsense off. 
“I’m sorry but I believe it may distract you or even make you take time away from attending practices.” 
“I’m out of here,” the same girl muttered, getting up and leaving.
“Good for me” I murmured.
“Now who would like to be the first to take the oath?!” I asked. 
Kaitlyn raised her hand.
“Ok, so repeat after me” I said.

“Repeat after me” she repeated. 

“I will not find love in any male.” I said
“I must not find love in any male” Kaitlyn repeated. 
“To distract me.”
“To distract me,” She repeated.
“Ok that’s really it.” I said
“Ok that’s real-”
“You can stop now.”
“Ok, so, how long does this thing even last?” she asked.
“Until you quit.” I said. 

Hunters Training: Day One
By Kaitlyn

Ms. Coach announced we would have our first training day today . I felt like Deku when All-might was training him. I’m READY OHHHH YEAHHH. Sorry my redbull kicked in. I was waiting in the gym for Coach Hunter when a boy came up to me. He looked to be about in the eighth grade. 

“Hello Kaitlyn Emily,” he said
“How do you know my full name?” I ask
“Oh, I know all about these bloodlines, the Kemps and Emilys of the world, even about the one that was severed off, never to be spoken of, and may I warn you and your fellow hunters?”
“How do you know about the hunters? We’re secretive!”
“I know everything, so like I was saying we must warn you that you are fighting on the wrong side.”
“Oh you clearly haven’t heard of Sebastian’s army. He is rebuilding the Orig-Titan army, just like from the olden days that we so worshipped. We’re very powerful. When we are ready, we’ll crush the OrigOlympians and their slaves. You want to be on our side, right?”
“Im sorry, but I’m already on the right side.”
“Oh, you silly, silly fool, you’ve brought this on yourself.” He says, calmly. 
“Shut up and get out.”
“Last chance.”
“I’LL PASS,” I snap 
“You are making a mistake,” he mutters.
He finally leaves and Keana arrives.
“Hey, you ok? You look freaked!” she asks.
“I am. Some kid came and talked to me.’
“Wow,” she rolled her eyes, “I’m chilled to my core.”
“No, I mean, like, about the Origlympians and this OriTitan thing.” I say.
“Oh “ she says “My dad talks about it, too. He seems a little spooked too.”
“Is your dad a OrigOympian?”
“Yeah, Artpollo,” she says. 
“Mine is Shradies.” 
She shuttered, as people often did when talking about the dark king. People who have been in this district for a while now about what he did. 
“He wants me to fold a Briancia DI angelo puppet. Like, c’mon, she literally dies in the book she’s introduced. At least give me Hazel or something.”
“Yeah, she had some butt kick moments though.” she said, laughing. “Hey, doesn’t your dad own the qwikpik?” she asks. 
“Yeah, it’s been in our family.  My Dad’s best friend Larry owns one out in Virginia.”
“Really? I heard this puppet craze started there.” she says. 
“I heard it started- and you won’t believe this- the school that the son of Citizen Wade’s founders goes to.” 
“No way, imagine being that kid, bet he just bathes in wealth, doubt he’s ever coming to a place like Madison County.” 
“Yeah, probably a stuck up, still sicks what happened to his-” 

Just then, Coach Hunter walks in.

“Ok girls! First let’s get some sit-ups in… let’s say… fifty! Find a partner and get to it!” Art-emis says, resting on Ms. Hunter’s finger. 
“Please don’t talk with that,” says the Reddit girl.
“Finger puppets have been apart of Athens Middle for a while,” Coach Hunter says calmly 
I stick up my own puppet, Zoe Nightsharpie, I mean she’s WAY cooler than Briancia dI angelo 
“Oh ok” says reddit girl
“Ok girls find a partner!” reminds Coach Hunter
“You wanna be partners patty?” I ask
“Sure why not” she says

Keana goes first ,she gets a minute and a half on hers. I go second I get Exactly one minute
“Now your second challenge will be archery!” Coach hunter Announced
“Isn’t that, like, pretty dangerous?” asks Reddit girl.
“What!? Heavens no, you’ll each be using Nerf bows,” Said Coach Hunter.
“Oh that makes sense,” Reddit girl muttered.
“I will be pairing you up with a partner and you will be doing a 1v1 against them. Ok, let’s see the pairs, ok, there’s Keana and Serene, Penny and Catt, Emma and Ellie, Mary and Aubrey, Kenadee and Ava and finally… Kaitlyn and Peyton.” 

She then walked Miss Reddit over towards me. 
Peyton (formally known as Reddit girl) looked at me and grinned.

“Ok Kaitlyn and Peyton will be going first.” 

Says Coach Hunter as she hands us each a nerf bow.


“Zerf, Nerf they’re literally the same” Coach Hunter says, now annoyed.

Peyton rolls her eyes but finally takes the bow
“Oh, you’re going down” she whispers. 

You know I’m actually pretty good with bows. I’ve hunted with my dad a few times. I’ve hunted with bows so I was expecting this to be pretty simple, but nooooo. 
“And begin,” says Coach Hunter.
Peyton shoots one arrow that I quickly dodge but she shoots ANOTHER that hits me in the head. 

“Ok, Round One, Peyton is going up against either Keandee or Ava.” 
“Good job, Peyton!” I said shaking her hand.
“Yeah, you did really good!” she says with an ear to ear grin. 
She then puts her mouth up to my ear. 
“You did terrible, I’ll Take your spot over,” Peyton whispers 
She smiles at me before she sits down.
I watch the other 1v1s which I can’t focus on that much. 
You did terrible, I will take your spot over.
Why is that stuck in my head? Peyton seemed ok. She didn’t seem ok when she said that. She was probably just joking, right?
“Now that is the end of training day one! Tomorrow, we’ll be playing capture the flag against Debbie Don’s Dance Dojo, so be sure to meet us out at Eastwood Park!”

Capture the Flag
By Keana

Alright, hi, Keana here, this is like my first chapter. I’m another member of the Hunters of Art-emis. Tomorrow is Capture the Flag, and I don’t stand a chance. Look I suck a gym, I can barely run. I’m ok at sit ups, but what is that worth? I decided to get a bow and arrow, maybe i’ll be ok with that. I text my Dad I’m going to Dollar General to find one. I walk in and I see the cashier slipping some kid a puppet. 
“Hey, don’t you know to knock!?” The kid snaps. 
“My guy, it’s literally Dollar General? Do I even need a permit to come in?”
“Well, no” they both say. 
I roll my eyes and go to the toy section there’s a few cheap lego sets. I go and grab an Avengers one with some weird Thanos mech. I decided to get that one, it looked kind of cool. 

I then look for a nerf bow and arrow. I find one the same one my Aunt had or shall I say “Zerf”. I then buy some arrows to go with it. When I’m ready I go to checkout and see the same cashier from earlier. 
“What is this for?” he ask me
“Nothing, just some capture the flag.” 
“And the lego set? Aren’t you too old?”
“Excuse you.”
He hands me a bag and I get out. When I get home I read Magnus Chase and the Hammer of Thor which so far is okay. After that I watched the Percy Jackson movie which is… uh… uh… okay? (My younger brother made me watch it) Ok, I’m gonna skip forward to the capture the flag thing. 

I have my Dad drive me to Eastwood park. I used to go a lot when I was little. It’s a big park with a giant fort, A few rock walls and a bunch of big rocks I can hide behind. There’s also a lot of trees and a load of porta-potties scattered everywhere. 

I grip my bow and my quiver filled with my arrows.

“You ready?” asks Captain Kaitlyn. 
“Ready as I’ll ever be,” I said looking for good hiding spots, “where’s our flag?”
“I’ll tell you in a bit.” 

Mac Asley eyes us then comes over.
“Hey! I just wanted to say good luck so I’m not being-like- a sour lemon.” he says
“Thanks” I say with Zoe night sharpie on my finger
“Is that Bianca Di Angelo? I think somebody got a Nico,” he asks.
“What? No, it’s Zoe Nightshade! And also, the Nico guy is my brother.” 
“Oh well uh sorry!” Said Mac looking kinda scared “Well, good luck!”
“May the force be with us.” I say. 
“Whoa, whoah, whoa. That’s a load of hogwash. That’s Star Wars, not Riordan.”

“Oh uh ok may the greek be with us?”

Mac chuckles, then flashes a cunning smile, before he walks back to his chaperone Mr. Alexander. 

“You know, I heard Mr. Alexander was part of that rebellion, the one from Virginia,” I say, watching something on my phone. 

“Whatcha watching?” Kaitlyn asks. 

“Just some Naruto season three. Copyrighted, of course.”

“Yeah, who would pay actual money for Naruto season three?” 

Like ACTUAL Capture The Flag
By Kaitlyn

The whistle blew, we were on the run.

“Come, our fellow hunters wanted to meet us up in the fort.” I said, jogging. 
“Ight,” said Keana, putting her phone in her pocket, “Naruto, you can wait.”
We were about halfway to the giant fort when two boys came right in front of us holding sticks.
“Hello ladies” one said, finger combing his hair, “I’m Adam” said one with curly hair.
“And I’m Luke” said one with more spiky hair, already gelled. 
“Yeah cool, but we’re… busy.” I said.
He made that tsk tsk tsk noise. 
“Sorry but you’re in Debbie Don’s territory,” said Luke with his stick.
“CHARGE!” screamed Adam as he ran at me with a stick. 
Luke pulled out a puppet and charged. 
“I call him OrigamI Conner  Stoll. Adam, pull out yours!”
“Ok, geez” he stopped charging and pulled out a puppet. 
“OrigamI Travis Stoll!” Adam said in some sort of deep voice.
“Holy crap man I think you hit puberty, your voice is so deep!”
“Wait, wait, wait, really?” he asked. 
“Yeah, dude, that’s nuts.” 
“Woah, nice.” 
“I have a list of words I want you to say.” 
“Like what? Like what?” He was giddy. 
“The way the United States handled the situation in North Korea is a-“

I nodded at Keana and she pulled out her bow and shot Luke. Of course, this meant nothing since we were in THEIR territory. 
“HEY! STOP EM!” screamed Luke with Origami Conner Stoll. 
“Thanks!” we both shouted.
When we got to the fort our fellow Hunters were waiting for us. 
“Hey, where’s Peyton?” I asked
“Probably at home scrolling through Reddit.” said Aubrey. 
“So, where is the flag?” I asked
“Hidden at the rocks” Ellie answered “they said it had to be visible.”
“Did you see theirs when running?” someone asked me. 
“No, but I saw some kids in the woods.” I said “I can go look.”
“Ok, take Keana with you, she’s been illegally downloading anime and uh it’s not even the good stuff.”
“Will do.”

Into The Woods
By Keana

Into the woods and stuff! So that snob CATT said it wasn’t good for me to illegally download anime! She doesn’t know what’s good for me. Though I went with Kaitlyn anyway.
“Did you really see the flag?” I asked.
“No, but I saw some kids in bathrobes.”
“Really!’ I laughed, then Kaitlyn looked me dead in the eye. 
“Ohhh kayyy” I said, awkwardly.
“Right there!” whispered Kaitlyn as one of the kids in bathrobes passed us.
“OUTSIDER” shouted the kid as he took off his hood. We started running. 
“GET THEM!” the same kid yelled he tripped us and I blacked out. 

When we woke up there was a whole group of those weirdos around us. 

“What no-” said a kid as he took his hood off and I recognized him! Sebastian Merrick. 
“Sebastian I knew you were creepy but this is another level! What are you in Bill’s gang!” shouted Kaitlyn it took me a minute but I got the Gravity Falls joke. 
“NO we’ve come for Kaitlyn Emily.”

Can anyone think of puns!
By Kaitlyn

Another kid took off their hood. People just dont wear hoods. 
“Hello Kaitlyn, remember me?” it was that kid from the gym. 
“Kaitlyn, who’s this?” ask Keana.
“He’s part of that crime gang and he wanted me to join him.” 
“Yes Kaitlyn I warned you. Now FACE THE WRATH OF ORIGAMI ATLAS!”
“Uh, ok cool, I mean OrigamI Atlas isn’t that scary.”
“Aren’t you gonna’ like- scream?” ask the kid.
“No, no I don’t think I will.” 
“Can I be honest? I just, man  I just really don’t wanna fight and it’s kinda rude to punch a girl, not gonna lie.”
“Come on, Kaitlyn Emily.”
I sighed. 
“Ok, geez, fine just because you want to so bad.”
I got up and put Zoe NightSharpie on my finger and he put Atlas on his. He ran at me.
“KEANA! TOSS THAT BOW!” I shouted and she tossed the bow and quiver. I grabbed an arrow, loaded it and shot. 
“Kaitlyn Emily,” said a familiar voice “Where was that skill when we fought?”
I looked over and sure enough saw Peyton.
“Get down, Sam, she’s mine.” said Peyton.
“Ok, uh, sure” said Sam with his Origami Atlas.
“We shall have a nice battle me… versus you.” said Peyton. 
Peyton picks up a bow and begins. 
“Oh, we won’t be using those arrows.” She hands me an arrow. Not with, like, a sharp tip but it has a really hard metal.  It wouldn’t go through someone, but it would bruise someone, and badly. 
“OK on the mark One, Two, Three, BEGIN!”
I pulled my bow and shot an arrow at Peyton
“Hey!!” she screamed “Oh, you’re getting it.”
She shot another arrow that almost hit my head, like, c’mon dude! I aimed my arrow. Not at Peyton but at Sam (the atlas kid) he was probably the biggest. 
“HEY YA CHEATER YOU KNOW WHAT I DO TO CHEATERS!” screamed Peyton as the arrow hit Sam’s shin and he fell. 
“KEANA COME ON” I shouted. 
“Uh, don’t worry” said Keana dodging arrows. 

Back To The Base
By keana

We went back to the giant fort.
“Did you find the flag?” Catt ask
“Um no it was a pair of underwear.” i say “Right Kaitlyn?”
“Oh, um, yeah.”
Long story short we lost Adam and Luke threw “axe bombs” (axe body spray with the trigger taped down) and they distracted us, stealing our flag. Another thing, is that, unfortunately, the government found out of me uh downloading anime the uh illegal way i had to throw my phone off the roof of the school Dwight Shrute style i guess that’s really all for this chapter

Kaitlyn’s comment: I told you just to borrow my Netflix!
Keana’s comment: Yeah, Yeah

The Like Supa Sad Chapter
By Kaitlyn

On Monday morning Mrs. Kemp called me to the office. 
“Ms. Emily, would you care to explain what you did to poor Sam?”
Sam walked in with thousands of bruises that I SWEAR I didn’t make. 
“Ma’am I didn’t do it, I swear!” I said. 
“Isn’t that what you said about putting gorilla glue on all the assembly chairs?” Sam said fake crying. 
“Oh, yeah that was me, but you have to admit, that was funny.” I chuckled
“Last time. I told you, I didn’t do it!”
“As my niece, I thought you would act better! Gah, you’re just like your Dad. You’re expelled!” Principle Kemp snaps.
“Look I don’t know what he-” Her eye began to twitch. 

Passing The Torch
By Kaitlyn

I was expelled. Probably from the hunters too. I met Coach Hunter in the hall.
“Um hey,” I said awkwardly.
“I- um, heard what happened. You have my condolences.”
“Can I stay in the hunters?”
“Look, I believe you’re innocent but that err- Mrs. Kemp said you’re out of all school related clubs.”
“Does that include-” 
“Yes, the Hunters of Art-emis. But don’t worry, I talked to my brother, and we decided it’s best to kick 
I take my old Zoe nightsharpie puppet. I know who I have to give it to.
I text Keana to meet me after school.
“Hey,” she says.
“You probably heard of my expelling.”
“Yes, look you know my Zoe nightsharpie puppet?”
“Look, I’m giving it to you.” 
I shove my puppet in her hand. 
“Take care… fella, also, take care of my brother, he’ll be arriving here soon.” 
“I- I’ll do what I can.” 
“That’s all I ask. 

The Liberation Of Athens
Sebastian Merrick. 

Be me. 
Fold puppet, “Luke CatsePleat.” 
Defeat Kaitlyn Emily: Success 
Defeat Lina Kemp: N/A
Defeat Chase Kemp: Success
Defeat Mac Astley: In Progress 
Defeat Edward Emily: 

To Be Continued In… 

The Heroes of OrigOlympus: The Titan’s Curse Word! 


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    This is probobly my best story

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