The Foldy Jackson Saga

The Foldy Jackson Saga
By Various Superfolders

Part One
Stooky Sauce (May He Rest In Peace)

 (A note from Megan Phred: this story is based of the movie and the book so keep in mind if it isn’t how you thought it is based on BOTH book and movie)
(A note from SF Hades: Thank you Megan/Fred, I sure do love talking to you and knowing who you are. So I just wanna say, this story is important to the ROU, it’s not THE Bytening Thief but it’s ramifications are important.)

Myths and Legends
By Chase

My friends and I share a common interest: Greek/Roman mythology. We also like origami and made origami versions of our favorite characters from Percy Jackson. Flynn made OriGrover, Kayto (or Kayto as we call her) made an OrigAnnabeth      Chase, and I made Foldy Jackson. We really just brought them to school and nothing else because there were no bad guys. 

But that changed today.

It’s the end of the day and I’m walking to the bus. Suddenly, this kid named Ethan comes up to me with The Minatore! “I’m seriously hating that,” he said, “Now you face the wrath of the Minatore!” Then he charged at me. I jumped out of the way and he hit a tree. Suddenly Flynn comes and sucker-punches Ethan, and he drops the Minatore. I picked it up, grabbed a pair of scissors (which were sort of like a horn) and cut the Minatore, and Ethan ran off screaming.
“Thanks for coming,” I said. “Listen, Chase,” he said to me, “we have a problem.”

The Thief
By Flynn

I told Chase what the problem was on the way to the bus. Somebody was stealing a bunch of recycling bins, and nobody knew who or why. One of these buckets was Origami Jupiter’s! 

Everyone thought Chase did it because of his misbehaving history. “But why would I want bins?” he asked. I thought about that and just shook my head. So we were on the bus, and everyone gave Chase a look, not so much me.
We just sat around, trying to figure out how to figure out the culprit. Then Kayto came with OrigAnnabeth      . “Any thoughts?” she asked, making it apparent that she had been eavesdropping. Suddenly this note started to glide towards us. I caught it. “It’s addressed to us,” I said and read it.

Dear Fellowship,
I know who the culprit is. But in order to gain access to my lair, you must collect three blue spheres. They are hidden within the school, and many people will try to stop you. But if you succeed, you will be free of guilt. 
-Origami Pluto 
“As in Hades?” I asked. “How can we trust this guy?” Kayto looked at me and said, “what choice do we have? Alright, tomorrow we start the quest to clear Foldy’s name!” We put our hands in the middle and raised them up in the air. We were going to prepare. Chase’s fate was on the line.

By Kayto
So the next day at school the three of us split up to find one of the orbs. We knew Chase had not done it, and we needed to find out who did it before someone planted some false evidence. Chase was on borrowed chances, and if he was framed for this one, he could be expelled! As I did my looking part, I looked at the posters. One of them was for a mid-year party and the theme was… HOLLYWOOD!

We gathered together at the end of the day and told them we didn’t have to get the orbs because we knew where we had to go. “I’d rather not take my chances,” Chase said and we walked off to find the orbs. 

As we walked, we saw and overheard two kids with Origami greek gods arguing with one another. It was Origami Jupiter and Origami Neptune! (who was made out of water-proof paper like Foldy)! 

I don’t know why they had Roman puppets and we had greek. 

The two kids talked to one another about who stole the Recycling Bolt.

“It is your folded son,” J. said to N. “You know he barely can pull off one stealing without being caught, much less steal a bunch,” Origami Neptune replied. Origami Jupiter gave him a dirty look, then said, “If the true culprit is not found in four days, war will rage between the Origods.” Then they walked off. We walked off as well. Chase looked shaken up. “What’s wrong?” I asked him. Barely turning his head, he said, “Origami Neptune is my sister.” That was kind of shocking.

So we turned a corner and saw one of the orbs. It was in the plant’s life room, which we realized was like in the movie. “We better take a mirror,” OriGrover said, “Medushred is most likely in there.” We had to go in, for Chase.

By Flynn

We went into an arbitrary room, and it was filled to the top with plants. Mr. Dezmin asked us what we were doing here, and we told him we wanted to see the beauty of the plants (because we did not want to tell him of our quest). He let us in, but said not Chase for two reasons. One: he was a suspected criminal who was most likely at the end of the week to be thrown out. Two: Mr. Dezmin did not want to lose his recycling bin.

It felt pretty weird because we had always done everything together. Now he had to stay out of this room for something he didn’t even do! Deep inside the room, Kayto and I decided to split up, so we could cover more ground. We both carried a pair of scissors, just in case we ran into Medushred. To be honest, I was kind of scared. I could not find Medushred nor the pearl (which I had just learned). I then went into the only place that was not covered in plants and had grey origami figures.”‘Wow,” I said in OriGrover’s voice, “That looks like the uncle of OriGrover. Except he was-” I stopped in mid-sentence. “OrigAnnabeth!” I yelled, realizing these were stolen origami figures painted gray!

I ran for Kayto, and then bumped into someone. I was about to kick the person in the face, until I realized it was Chase. “How did you get in here?” I asked. “Long story short,” he said, “I sneaked past the urban teacher, saw Kayto running for dear life, and went to find you.” I could see why. “Time to get Medushred!” I said and we ran off.
We found Kayto running from a girl with a snake in her arms. OrigAnnabeth told us that the snake had been trained to, when someone looks at it, snatch any sort of paper except for the paper used by… Shirley. Long time snake lover, we knew she would go off edge eventually. “Move!”Foldy yelled and we ran as hard as we could, looking in mirrors that we had found. Suddenly she appeared right in front of us, and we closed our eyes. “Look at the snake,” she said, “You know you want to.” We ran off.

Suddenly Chase left us and we couldn’t find him. “JACKSON!” I yelled, “where are you?” Suddenly, Shirley came right in front of us again, and I dropped my phone, which she picked up. She looked into the mirror and her expression turned to shock. Suddenly Chase came right behind her and cut off Medushred’s head! The snake slithered toward Chase, and when he looked at it nothing happened. “We better keep the snake,” Kayto said, “If it’s still taking origami, it could be useful.” Shirley tried to get her snake back, but it would not move. She ran off screaming.

We got the pearl hidden in one of the plants. Chase sneaked out, and we went on our way to find the next one.

The Mysterious Letter
By Chase
I decided to combine the letter and the search together since I would be doing both. I was sitting in my house, since my friends I could not really go out so late. Even if I could, no one would dare hang out with the Recycling Thief. Then my mom comes up to my room and says I got a letter. I take the letter from her and start to open it. It was from my pen-pal D. I didn’t know his full name but I didn’t care. I started to read the letter.

Hey Chase,
I heard about you getting framed, and I totally believe that you and Foldy are innocent. I know you probably need help, so I used my origami to help you. What he said is, “Within the statues of your paper relatives, you must look. A beast may only be beaten by another.” Hope that helps!
“Dang it,” I thought aloud, “Who is he anyways, what’s with the riddles, and what does it mean!?” I called up Kayto since she was good at deciphering riddles, and gave me the explanation. “Your paper relatives,” she said, “Are at the Greek museum! That where the next pearl is!” Words could not describe how thankful I am for D. I told we were going tonight, since my dad was a janitor there and he would allow me entrance.

We were at the museum, and it was late night, yet no one was there. We looked around and saw the pearl, though it was at the top of a statue. In fact, they were on every statue! “How do we know which is the right one?” I asked. “Duh,” Kayto said, “we will check all of them!” But before we could even blink, five kids came over to us, each holding an origami janitor. “You have but one chance to find the statue. Fail and your origami shall be shredded.” We looked at one another. Great, I thought.

We searched around the statues. “Do the Athena statue,” Flynn said, “That’s how it was in the movie.” I looked up at the statue and started to climb up it. I looked at the five kids, their faces expressionless. I climbed to the top of it, got the pearl, and jumped down. The kids’ face’s mouths curved into smiles. “Wrong answer.”, they said in unison. They unfolded their janitors, taped them together, and made the Hy-shred!

They ran towards us. We jumped out of the way, but were nearly hit. They got out a fire hose, which was only lethal to paper and started to shoot it at us! We went behind columns, but knew it would be soon that we lost the origami. I got out a pair of scissors, the same ones I used on the Minatore, and ran out to cut off the heads of the Hy-Shred. It worked, but the kids smiled again. Flynn looked at me, then OrigAnnabeth  said to me, “When you cut off one head, two more take its place.” We looked back and sure enough there were now seven heads.

The kids came to us, but were mostly headed toward me. We split off and I fell to the ground. They were right on top of me! I did the only thing I could think of; I took out the snake. It lunged at the Hy-shred, and ripped it off the kids’ fingers. They just stood there in shock, then Flynn and Kayto knocked them out. We checked all the other statues and found the real one in the Hades statue. “I think somebody stole these pearls,” I said. My friends nodded their heads in agreement. We walked off, knowing that whoever stole these pearls would want them back.

Safety First
By ???
I am the thief. This may not have been written by these idiots but I sneaked it in anyways. I had my workers put the pearls in secret places so that know one could ever figure out it was me. The only person who knew was Origami Pluto, but was forgetful and had to write everything down. So I stole it, ripped it into three pieces, and put them in orbs and gave them to my minions. But they all hid them in obvious spots like in the films. So I called on a more equipped minion. Who unravels the very trust everyone has.

“Alright????,” I said, “My last minions were going to hide these in a casino and try to hypnotize the trio. You will keep these on your person.” My minion nodded his head in agreement. “Don’t worry,” he said, “They’ll never suspect me. If they find me though, they’ll be in the hospital for some time.” I did an evil grin. I was right to choose this guy. Nobody will know who the true Recycling Thief is. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 

Rouge Gods
By Flynn

We looked in our record of what had happened and saw the mystery chapter. Who would steal our file and put in their own chapter, especially since they are the bad guy? “Who unravels the fabric of trust?” Kayto said, “What does that mean?” We were in the Kid Kasino, thinking the pearl would be here. According to this, someone took it and hid it within their person. 

“Great,” I said, “Now what do we do?”

“Hey,” Chase said, “Remember that prophecy from the original book?” He recited the entire prophecy, word for word.

You shall go west and face the god who has turned.

You shall find what was stolen and see it safely returned.

You shall be betrayed  by one who calls you friend.

And you shall fail to save what matters most in the end.
We looked at one another. Kayto/OrigAnnabeth and I/OriGrover were his only friends, but it couldn’t be us! We have known each other since first grade! Chase started to walk off. “Hey!” Kayto said, “Where are you going?” Chase turned toward us, but his expression was darker. “Whoever is doing this is trying to make that prophecy true,” he said, “So if I head west I will find the turned Origamian. I cannot risk losing you or being betrayed by you. I must go alone.”

With that, he took a bus to the west side of town. Kayto and I wanted to go after him, but it was too far away. “I don’t care,” she said, “Chase and Foldy Jackson are our friends, and we will not let him fail.” We hopped on our bikes and started the long journey down to the west side of our beloved town. Only when we got there would we realize how much trouble there would be between Foldy Jackson and Arts.

By Chase
There I was, west of the town. I looked around, thinking he may not be here. I started to walk away but something caught my eye. Phillip, a kid at school, was walking with an Arts. If you looked close enough, you’d be able to see the sun reflecting off a blue sphere. The last pearl, I thought. I ran right in front of him, blocking his path. “Get out of my way, Recycling Thief,” he said. I stood my ground and said, “Look who’s talking.”
His annoyed expression turned into a sort of evil grin and said, “So you finally figured out how- my plan.” He lunged at me but I sidestepped him. He rolled over and got back to his feet. “You will never defeat me,” he said. He swung his fist and got me, and I fell down. But I jumped right back up and kicked him. He stumbled back, but then pushed me and we fell over a railing and onto the sand.
Arts started to run away in the sand, so Foldy and I ran after him. I had to get him, even though I knew he was the thief, no one else would believe me without evidence. Origami Pluto was actually believed by the whole school. I lunged and I was on top of Phillip, and as we rolled around in the sand, I could have sworn I saw Flynn and Kayto up on the boardwalk.
I was battered, bruised, and running out of hope, yet I still fought. I swung and hit. He swung and missed. He kept backing me up. The first line has come true, I said, will the second? Who will I be betrayed by? And what do I- My thoughts were cut off when Arts punched me so hard I literally flew five feet in the ocean. I broke the surface for air, and was about to swim back until a giant wave came up and smacked down, HARD!
I tumbled onto the shore. I could barely see, but one minute later I could see clearly- even that Foldy Jackson was not on my finger! I scrambled around, until I came to the horrible realization that Foldy was lost at sea. I would’ve cried there if Arts wasn’t looking down on me.  ”You want to cry?” he asked mockingly. I looked up at him, eyes red with anger, saltwater, and sand. Suddenly a Star Wars line and Percy Jackson line ran in my head, Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to Hate. Hate… leads to suffering. Also there was I wanted to punch him, but that’s what he wanted.
He wanted me to hurt him badly, maybe trying to become rouge. But I got up, dusted myself off, and walked away. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him rush toward me, a pair of scissors in his hand. I fell to the ground, pretending to be hurt. Really, I reached for a broken shell and blocked the blow. I took his Arts and ripped out the pearl. I was going to stab Arts, but I was tackled by Phillip. He got him back, and suddenly looked dazed. He then ran off.

I got back up and my friends were there! “Guys,”I said, “What are you doing here? I told you I had to do this alone.” Kayto looked at me and said, “We couldn’t leave you alone.” 

I was glad to have these guys as friends. Flynn started to look tense and I asked him if he was okay. “I’m fine,” he replied, “I’m just upset that you’re Foldy Jackson.” I thought it over, and that was the thing I cared about most. At least I could work on “Percy Jackson: Ultimate Version.” It was a made up version of Percy.
The next chapter is when the rest of the prophecy comes true.

The Truth Hurts
By Kayto

We had done it. Through all the losses, pain, and scariness, we had done it. We walked to the school, today was the last before the party, A.K.A. the deadline. Chase was down in the dumps after losing Foldy, but none of the cheering up I tried worked. He’d probably rather have Foldy on his finger than be proven innocent. Flynn was walking along with us, but he just kept his head down, probably feeling sad for Chase.

We walked to the basement of the school and reached the bottom of the staircase, there he was. Origami Pluto, paper god of the underworld. Or at least the basement. There was a kid, an Origami Charon. “Has your origami been shredded or do you have an appointment or question with our Underworld paper god?” he said. “An appointment,” I said. 

Flynn wouldn’t say a word, and I wondered what he was planning. We were let inside and the whole place seemed to be decorated with fake bones.
“Ah,” Origami Pluto said, “Chase, Flynn, and Kayto. OriGrover, OrigAnnabeth      , and- no Foldy. Dead, isn’t he? Anyways, let’s see the pearls.” We all handed him one. Flynn tried to keep his, but Chase started to pull it away. “Come on!” Chase said. He pulled it away from Flynn, who fell to the ground. Origami Pluto opened the three pearls, took out a piece of paper, and connected the three of them. “The true Recycling Thief is-” Before he could get anything else out, he was struck by a taser and fell to the ground. “It’s the thief!” Charogami yelled. He and two others ran towards the hooded guy, only to suffer the same fate as Origami Pluto.

The thief took off his hood. It was FLYNN! “Hello,” he said, “I am the thief.” We both looked at him, shocked. “How could you frame me?” Chase asked, “I thought we were friends!” Flynn just smiled. “You have been a pawn since kindergarten,” he said, “I had been planning for years to become the most popular. Once I bust the thief and get rid of you losers, I will be supreme!” Flynn took off OriGrover, threw him on the ground, and put Lukeigami and went after Chase. Chase ran and I followed.

They were on the top of the school, and I watched as they fought but Chase was losing. It was not the fact that Flynn had pretended to be his friend for years, but that Foldy was gone. It was like losing a piece of himself. I left the school, running as fast as I could. Somehow I made it to the shoreline. I looked around, trying to see if I could find Foldy. Through some miracle, a mysterious kid with some sort of origami figure ran up to me, gave me Foldy Jackson (who was dry thanks to the water-proof paper), and left.
I ran back to school, and I had Foldy in my hands. I ran fast, knowing that if I didn’t get this to him, all hope would be lost.

Reconciliations and Final Battles
By Chase

I fought and fought, but I just couldn’t beat my own friend. It wasn’t that he was a friend of mine, but that I felt like I was missing something, and without I just couldn’t fight anyone. Not even a jerk like Flynn. “Why would you pawn me like this?” I asked in frustration. He just smiled. “I had this plan since we met,” he explained, “Becoming popular. I was a bit grown up for my age. I knew I would become popular, but I would have to plan it right then. Everything that you have ever done was pushed by me!”

I ran toward him, fist in the air. But I just couldn’t land my punches correctly, and before I knew it, I was on the ground. “You’ve lost a part of you. Just cry already, you’ll be doing it soon enough.” He lifted up his fist and punched me! He was going to do it again, until the two of us heard a scream. “CHASE!” 

Kayto yelled, and she ran toward me, and put something in my hand; Foldy Jackson!

Suddenly, all the power I could ever ask for came to my body. I got up and dusted myself. 

He went to block the doorway, so I rammed right into him, and the two of us rolled around on the roof of the school. Me vs Flynn, Foldy vs Lukeigami. Flynn was shocked by my sudden power, and was unprepared for it. He must have known that I had built a bond with this figure, and if I lost him, I’d never be as strong. He was right, but Kayto had turned the tables. Now we were even in power.

He pushed and pushed and I was on the side of the building. “Maybe you’re not the son of Origami Neptune!” He yelled. He kicked me, and I dropped Foldy. I picked him up, and there was a triple-bladed scissor in there. I grinned at him and ran towards him and I cut his Lukeigami. “NO!” he yelled. I bopped him in the nose and he passed out.

We only had a few more minutes until the gods were at war, and we raced to the Origamians club. It was large, and we kept running. On the way there we found all the Recycling bins, including Origami Jupiter’s, and we continued on our way. When we got there, all the OriGods looked at us. One of them, Origami Mercury, looked straight at us. “You’ve got a lot of nerve coming here, Recycling Thief,” he said, “Leave now or else.” I stared right back, and I saw Origami Neptune and Origami Minnerva giving me a sort of urging look. The one who looked mad the most was Origami Jupiter.

“Origamians!” I yelled loud so they could all hear, “You all believe me to be a thief thanks to my past. But”- I held up the bin and there were gasps- “It was Flynn, holder of OriGrover, now tyrannical keeper of Lukeigami!” more gasps and such, “but he did not do this alone. He turned Arts against all of you, but Kayto and I have returned the Recycling Bolt.” I threw the bin at Origami Jupiter, who said thanks and left. Most of the other gods did as well, all except for Origami Neptune, also known as my sister Lina. Kayto left, probably to give us some alone time.

I was all set to leave as well, but Lina blocked my path. “You don’t even talk to me,” I said, “and now you are showing me who you are at last. You don’t even care.” He still stood there and said, “I didn’t say because I tried to protect you. I didn’t want to put you in danger. This may only be a piece of paper, but we hold many enemies. A kid once held an origami puppet of the tyrant Nero on his finger, and we lostSo when Mom had you, I swore to myself that I would protect you from every danger. But over the years I realized that you had a connection with origami, so I would make sure you never lost it. I found Foldy and gave him back.”

I knew he meant it, so we hugged each other. I was glad I finally got to speak to him for once. I left and together, Kayto and I left the club, ready for anything else that might come our way.

Part Two
Origami Donatello 

Foldy Jackson 
By Chase

Ever feel so mad you can’t explain it? Well I’m kinda feeling that.  My best friend, Flynn turned out to be a psycho jerk and betrayed me and my other friend, Kato, you see, we were all REALLY into Percy Jackson so i made Foldy Jackson, Katie made Annashred and Flynn made OriGrover.  About a week after that I was framed for stealing recycling bins(?) But it was Flynn was the one who framed me! He revealed his true self and made a Origami Luke Castalian or as he called him Luke Crease-stallion.  Today he hired kids to make origami giants and hunt me down and attack me.  After that happened, I found Flynn in the hall. 
“HEY YOU,” I shouted.  Flynn looked back, only to see me. 
“YOU HIRED THOSE KIDS TO ATTACK ME!” i shouted, only getting more mad. 
“Why yes, I did. How bout we settle this the riordan way” Flynn says, “a sword fight. ”
I nod. 
“Well, after school don’t be late ” says Flynn. He walks past me and shoves me with his shoulder.  After school I go to the front lawn.  I considered bringing Rip-tide but that’s just a paper sword.  I picked up a stick.  Flynn is already waiting for me to have a stick. 
“You came,” he says. I charged towards him with my stick. 
“YOU BETRAYED ME!” I shouted. He sticks his sword/sticks up and blocks my attack. I push back so he’s unguarded. 
“CHASE YOU DROP THAT STICK!” shouts Ms. Meyers, our math teacher. I look back to see her and she grabs my wrist. 
“WHAT WERE YOU THINKING YOU COULD HAVE KILLED FLYNN?” Shouts Ms. Meyers even louder. Flynn shoots me a dirty look before I realize he set me up. 
“Mrs. Meyers… he hit me in the eye!” He says, very clearly smiling, but his eye very clearly slashed. 

The Office But It’s Not Dunder Mifflin. 
By Chase

The principal at Caesar gives me a big lecture on how un-responsible I am. Long story short they expelled me. 


“Mom he’s not my friend, he folded Luke Cease-stallion’’ I say.


“From that movie you rented, Percy Jackson!”

“Did I ask for an excuse?”

“MOM WILL YOU LISTEN TO ME FOR ONE SECOND?” After that my Mom gets quiet. When we finally pull into the driveway my Mom locks my door. 

“Chase we need to talk about your behavior and your punishment” she says, firmly. 

“Yeah, yeah, what is it this time? No Playstation for a decade?” I ask. 

“Yes, however, there will be more,” she says, “Look, I know you’re very, very, creative but this origami has to stop. Ok, it’s not healthy for you.”

“WHAT?” I yell.

“I’m sorry, Chase, but it’s for the best, I’m the principal at that other school, remember? I know what’s best, and yes, no playstation for five months; getting expelled isn’t something you don’t get grounded for. Remember what I did to your sister?” 

“Yeah, yeah, you forced her to become a girl scout for two years.” 

“Yes, but quite thankfully, you’re my favorite child, so you won’t get that treatment. Yet.”

Now you’re probably wondering if i can’t use a computer how am I writing this? My friend, Kato, secretly comes by about once a week, so I slip her these notes. Since I’m grounded from folding origami AND television AND electronics, all I do is steal paper from my sister, Lina’s room and write this. I hear a knock at the window, Kato is here. 
“You write any more notes?” she asks.
“Nah, I’ve just been reading Heroes of Olympus?”
I bring Katie the notes and she lends me Heros of Olympus, book 3, Mark of Athena. 
“By the way, I have news for you.” She says. 
“Yeah?” I ask. 
“I’m transferring schools, man, it’s just no fun without you. Flynn’s been a real jerk.”
“Well, I- I guess this is the end, ain’t it?”
“Yeah, I guess, see ya around… kid.”
I wave to Katie as she heads home. I finished The Son of Neptune. I gently put the son of Neptune on my desk and picked up Mark of Athena. I’m about 30 pages in when I hear my Mom’s car pull into the driveway. I put a mark of athena on my bookshelf and went to the living room. My Mom comes in with a letter. 
“Chase, no other school’s accepted you.” 

I was pretty bummed but accepted it. 

“But… I convinced the board of directors at my school to let you in, so… welcome to Athens Middle School. You’ll be homeschooled for the rest of fifth grade, but by sixth grade I’ll be sending you right on over there.”
I decided that’s good since I no longer have to stay at home all day. 

Flynn Stops By
By Katie

I was at home when the doorbell rang. 
“Katie, go get the door, please!” shouts my Mom. I open it and Flynn is waiting, I close the door to talk to him. 
“Go,”I say, and firmly, too.
“Actually I prefer to stay here” Flynn says “So I heard you are going to Athens?
“Yeah, away from you. It’s perfect. ’’
“Well as a matter of fact, I have associates there, too. You’ll find we’re all just pawns in his game.” He holds up an ID badge, there’s a student’s face on it, brown hair, sad eyes, sticking out of his shirt pocket is… Luke CastePleat. 
“But-” I start. 
“Yes, Katlyn, you can’t hide from me, if everything goes according to plan, you’ll be entering into a school already run by CHRONOS.” This seriously seems like a horror film. Flynn grins before he turns around and walks away. 
“Oh one last thing” Flynn says as he turns around. 
“You haven’t seen the last of us.”
“Who’s us?” I ask. 
He smiles and laughs. 
I shut the door, but I can hear him mumble something to himself.

“One down. One to go.”

Chase Kemp will return. 

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