The Percy Jackson Origami Universe

A ‘puppet fiction’ fanfic inspired by the world of Percy Jackson and the Olympians. Created by SF Hades in 2020, the PJOU has three volumes up to this point. Reading on the saga of the gods is marked in bold, while SF Thrawn’s supplementary tales about Egyptian and Norse mythology are in italics.

Vol. 1: The Demigami Files

  1. The Rise of Pleaty Jackson: The Bytening Thief 
  2. Creaseeus Versus The Mino-Tore 
  3. OriGrover Underfold: Field Trip of Monsters 
  4. The Hunters of Art-emis 
  5. The Return of Thalia Plates: The Titan’s Curse Word 
  6. Annashred 
  7. The Rise and Fall of Luke CastePleat 

Vol. 2: The Dark Ages

  1. The Flight of Hourus
  2. The Foust Chronicles: The Red Pyramid Scheme 
  3. Caesar Middle School and the Chase Kemp Saga
  4. Lore OrigOlympus 
  5. The Foust Chronicles: The Backseat of Fire 
  6. Pleaty Jackson 2: Welcome to Caesar Middle School 
  7. The Heroes of the OrigUnderworld 
  8. Chronos: The Iliad 

Vol. 333

  1. Anubus and Ms. A
  2. Nico Di AngeFold and Will SolCrease: Tainted Love
  3. Label Levesque and the Hunters of Art-emis
  4. The Seven Champions 
  5. Ł()K!
  6. The Trials of Apollo: The Town of Nero 
  7. The Debbie Don Diaries (Unreleased)
  8. Athens, New York: What We Leave Behind (Unreleased) 
    1. Part One: Mac Astley and The Cicada Daze of Summer
    2. Part Two: Sebastian Merrick’s Chorus of Condition 
    3. Part Three: Ximena Strohm and the Behaviors of a Fatherless Child 
    4. Part Four: Xander, The Great! In… Lost Time 
    5. Part Five: The Gods and their Bloody History
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