By SF Guillermo 


A brown haired boy made his way to campus. His look, determined; his steps showed dominance; the movement of his hands was characteristic of him and his hair was short. He was and still is Will Leach.

‘Birmingham University: Superior Degree in economics’

At least that’s what the place he went into said.

It was his first day in college. You would have said he was new to this. He might pop inside, look around, stay in a corner looking for someone who catches his eye and looks friendly to make colleagues.

That’s not him.

He pushed both doors open with his hands and he came in as the doors closed behind him. Everyone inside, teachers, students- both new and old – stopped whatever they were doing to get a glimpse of the guy. Birmingham University had never seen a guy more sure of himself.

He crossed the hallway captivating everyone’s looks, interrupting every conversation as he went through.

A black shirt, a dark, long coat and a side bag were part of his outfit.

He finished his trail extending a hand to a group of guys leaning against the wall, looking menacingly.

“Oi, looking sharp brother,” Barnaby Leach shook his hand, “Welcome to college.”

The rest did the same. Will put his hands in his pockets.

“Alright, that’s what I’m talking about, boys,” he smiled, “This building is already ours.”

You would be wrong; he wasn’t new to this.


“He’s here,” Hannah Bolt crossed her arms in a gesture of both ‘yes! He’s here’ and an ‘oh, he’s here’.

Will gave her cousin a hug. It was very interesting how all the family, around the same age, were all in the same city studying the same thing.

It would be a common thing back in the 1900’s and far before to be part of the family business, but in 2019 this was a rather odd image to contemplate.

A whole brotherhood of people in a place like a campus, having rooms next to each other booked for the year could be kinda sus for the other mates.

 This was an image the rest would have to get used to.

The older brother of the four, Barnaby, was known all around for his boxing skills. He had been a two-time boxing champion in the last couple of years, but was mostly known for hosting parties in his room at night, totally disobeying the rules of campus. 

It was at these types of parties that the whole brother and cousin family attended, as well as some trusty friends, and other girls and boys who sure knew how to have fun.

The other two brothers, both older than Will, but younger than Barnaby, were Reuben and Adam. Both were close to each other, but Adam had always been more of a pacifist, while Reuben was always able to do anything if it meant getting free drinks.

They never looked for fights. Quite the contrary, they always tended to avoid them, and that was just as good for them as it was for the others.

The day Will arrived at campus, it was as if the wheels that were missing on a cart had suddenly popped on. Now all was coming together.

  1. Looks amazing, Guillermo! Looking forward to reading more!

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