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The other side of the coin

In Ilkley, England, some students took part in origami Wizarding World adventures, initiating a movement that would have repercussion in the future.

But what happens when in Birmingham, a group of college students decide to pick up the legacy of The Peaky Blinders? Read here to find out!

The first two chapters are out and will be continued, hopefully, each week!

Why not?

-SF Guillermo


Hey, SuperFolders! SF Guillermo here.

Lately we’ve noticed some confusion regarding how anyone can write stories for this site. And the truth is, as we have said many times before… You only have to email us your stories!

That’s right! Just follow these steps for us to submit whatever you’ve written:

1. Write a story that you want us to publish (that’s suitable for the site, of course!)

2. Email us the story in a doc, word, or pdf (emails listed above)

3. We’ll take a look at it, correct gramatical mistakes and get it posted ASAP.

I hope that solves any confusion.


The Wizarding Folds of Harry Potter continues…

Corruption? Team ups? It’s all part of a greater plan.

Sooner or later, the people of Ilkley ‘s School will have to choose their side for an imminent battle that will decide the fate of the school and it’s students.

Read Harry Paper and the Ori-Marauders here!!!

I’ll see you guys around!

– Guillermo


Hey there, Superfolders! Guillermo here

After more than a year (13 months) of waiting for this story, it is finally here!

The authorship for this story has been passed from person to person (much like the elder wand) and I had to write it in the end!

I hope you all enjoy Foldemort: Origins of the Heir! Read it here

The Wizarding Folds Panel!

Hey everybody! SF Guillermo here!

Wow, the Wizarding Folds origami universe is more than a year old now. During this year I’ve been so terribly busy I haven’t been able to write a lot for you guys, but I will do everything in my power to continue this universe.

That’s why…. (drum roll please)

We’re expecting some awesome and magic stories like Foldemort (written by CD), the Adventures of Shred and Fold Weasley (by Jar Jar Pleats) and Nicholas Foldel written by me! Of course, I come today with something special. After all, what’s the Wizarding Folds without a Harry Potter story? Read Harry Paper here:

Have fun, and may the Folds be with you.

Curious, very curious…

Hey Superfolders! Guillermo here.

I bring you today another Magical Tale as we await the new spine-chilling revolutionary Wizarding Folds story releasing this SFC-Con.

With all of you today… Nicholas Foldel, the great origami puppet crafter! Read it here


Hey, dear Superfolders,

Guillermo here. So one thing we’re all familiar with around the site is the concept of the ‘good old’ wishing skittles.

As you may know, one of the council’s aims is to improve your writing skills, as well as our own. However, every time the wishing skittles are used in a story, the chance to write a good, coherent plot with reality disappears.

The skittles have been around for a long while, but like F.O.L.D, I would reccomend you to permantely pause the skittles as a way of justifying certain events in the plot of your main stories (of course, elseworlds is a sandbox, so you can do whatever you want there. But every story which has the skittles will be immediately sent to elseworlds).

Thanks! – The SFC Council


Hey, SuperFolders! Guillermo here.

I wanted to take a minute to talk about the Book II stories for the Wizarding Folds, which will hopefully start this summer once Book I finishes this June.


1. Harry Paper and the secret legacy.

2. Harry Paper and the Ori-Marauders.

3. The Tri-Chemist Tournament.

5. The Order of the Pholdix: Recruitment.

6. Harry Paper and the Deadly Virus.

Magical Tales (necessary )

– St John’s School: Treason. Learn how another school starts using origami wizards

Any of you who want to write any of these main stories, please give me a DM, send me an email, or tell me in the comments. I’d gladly assign you one!

By the way! The Good Student season 1 is done, click here to read The Good Student Season 1.

See you guys around!


A new hero?

Hey guys! Guillermo here!

So for a while now, the WFOU has been in a sort of trance. We’re currently waiting for the main story finale (Foldemort) for Book one, and another story written by Donatello!

To keep the interest going, I’ve written this short, but important story full of references, Easter eggs and important plot points!

Who is the hero? No other than the famous and charming Gilderoy Lock-art!

Will he be able to solve the case of internet trolls hacking the school site? Why don’t you find out here:

Music, please:

Also, I’ve got lots of stories planned for Book 2, but there are many side stories you guys can write for now, so please reach me if you want to write anything for the Wizarding Folds.

Peace out, guys!


A new, different and peculiar rising…

Hey SuperFolders! Your boy Guillermo here!

So to kick-start my career as a junior mod, I decided to start writing a story based on the TV series ‘The Good Doctor”

When a kid with social problems starts a new life in another school, all seems sleazy at first, but with a global pandemic quickly on it’s way, who’s to assure him, or everyone, that all will be like before?

Read it here:!

First two chapters are out, and will be continued each week!

Peace out, guys!

– Guillermo