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What Just Happened?

UPDATE 4/2/21: APRIL FOOLS!!!!!!

As most of you guessed, the Amalgami Universe was our prank for this year! However we noticed that a couple of you really like the idea, so there could potentially be a REAL Amalgami Universe sometime in the future inside of BTFolds. So stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed our joke this year!

P.S. You can still read the Amalgam story too in case you missed it! It’s under “Other Tales” in BTFolds, but you can also just click here.


Hey guys! Superfolder J. GuillEvilDarthJarmy100es here, and I am proud to announce some BIG news.

We are ending the DCOU and MOU in exchange for something newer… and cooler! We’re calling it the “Amalgami Universe,” In which both the DCOU and MOU collide in great, new creations and stories. Picture Iron Fold meets Batfold, or Spider-Fold meets Supaperman AND Robin. The possibilities are endless!

Because of this, we’ve also decided to become ONE admin! It makes everything so much easier. Call us J!

What’s that? Jawa, I’m telling you, this will work.

No, Noah, it’s TOTALLY not an April Fools Prank.

Hades, stop, calm down, you’re at the end of the name I swear. You’re the es!

Peyton, I swear. Stop complaining about how you won’t get to finish your saga! A new Alan can be made in Amalgami!

Guillermo, Guillermo, trust me on this. Same with you Jar Jar.

The first story is even up! I swear it is! You can read it here.

Hey, what’s this paper? Why’d you all write “April Fools” on this?