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How Well Do You Know the Mods’ Writing Styles?

Hey everyone! It’s the EU Council. Recently, the topic came up in the Talkzone of being able to recognize each Council member’s tone in their writing. It got us thinking… how well do you know our writing style?

On the Google Forms link below we have quotes from stories that the Council collaborated on (multiple authors). Take your vote and let us know who you think wrote each quote. Let us know how you did in the comments, but don’t spoil the answers!

Take Ze Quiz

Cammy and Noah’s Bounty Hunter Adventure | Volume #1

Hey everyone! SFCammy and Noah coming to you with a post.

As the return of the Bounty Hunter Saga nears, we have decided to re-read every Bounty Hunter story that we can! At the end of each story, we’ll rate the tale before us, on 1-10. You’re welcome to read along with us and post your thoughts in the comments as well!

Today, we are reading the first volume, which includes episodes 1-10.

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