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Cammy’s Mod Games

Hey everyone and welcome to…

Cammy’s Mod Games!

I hope you all are enjoying Superfolder Con. I am your host, Cammy. Today, I am going to be pitting my fellow moderators into epic competition. There will be tears. And there will be only one survivor. 

But enough chat. Please welcome the competitors!

Head of the MOU and secret Kevin Feige, Noah!

OYEU co-founder, longtime Superfolder Central moderator, and retired evil jawa, Jawa!

The mysterious force ghost, CJ!

And head of the DCOU and expert ramen noodle cook, OL100! Read the rest of this entry

Origami Showcase

Hey all and welcome to Day 2 of Superfolder Con!!

Today, we’re going to kick things off with an origami showcase, starring origami by SFs in the community! We’ve got some fantastic submissions.

First off, we’ve got some origami from Potato Dabber!


Next, we have Guillermo’s collection of superheroes and supervillains from DC and Marvel comics!


Finally, we’ve got Seto Kaiba and Mysterio puppets by Lord Toademort!


Looks awesome!! Great job everyone.

We’ll be back later tonight for part two of SF Con: Day 2, where I’ll be pitting my fellow mods against each other in some random competitions. Stay tuned.

Superfolder Guillermo Presents: An Interview with SFCammy

Howdy! It’s SFCammy. Superfolder Guillermo caught me, cup of Joe in hand, on my morning subway trip to work as a secret agent in Technocalypse, and he took the time to ask me a few questions.

Read the rest of this entry

BTFolds Wednesday #3

Extra! Extra! We’ve got new stories roaring in.

The final chapters of The Legend of Zelda-gami by OrigamiMaster_53 are out! Read how the tale comes to an end.

In addition, the newest addition to the Wizarding Folds universe is out! Read The Adventures of the Ori-Marauders by Superfolder Guillermo.

No trivia today. See you next Wednesday!

Cam and Noah’s Foldmania: Day #13: The Unshreddible Hulk!

Today, we have Ally Weber’s puppet, The Unshreddible Hulk!

Origami Name: The Unshreddible Hulk
Character Names: Ally Weber
Description: Over time, Ally has gained confidence and come to terms with her past. Recently, Ally has been working through her feelings and what she wants. She’s kind to her friends and will stick by them no matter what. Sometimes, she will even take matters into her own hands to protect them.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:

Tomorrow, it’s Thanos!! Plus, we’ll be posting the miscellaneous, awesome origami you guys made throughout this challenge. If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to

Cam and Noah’s Foldmania! | #10: OrigVenom!

Today, it’s Ezra Cronin’s character: OrigVenom!

Origami Name: OrigVenom!
Character: Ezra Cronin

Description: Friend of Cal Largent, Ezra Cronin has been operating largely independently of the OrigAvengers. His tales are known for their unique, sometimes embellished spin. He’s a reporter for the Kirby King and is always ready for a showdown.

Noah and Cam’s Puppets:


SuperFolder Puppets:


by Jar Jar!

Tomorrow, our puppet is… Socket, from the Foldians, wielded by Pete Prawley!

Cam and Noah’s Foldmania! | #6: Doctorigami Strange!

Today, we folded Doctorigami Strange, one of the additions to the OrigAvengers in Fold 3!

Origami Name: Doctorigami Strange
Character: Duncan Anderson
Description: Duncan Anderson recently joined Wheeler Academy after being expelled from his last school for vandalism. However, he quickly became acclimated and found his old friend, Naphtali Monroe. After Naphtali recruited him, Duncan became one of the newest members of the OrigAvengers: Doctorigami Strange.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:

SuperFolder Puppets:


by Guillermo!

Tomorrow, our puppet is… Gamora, Cat’s puppet! If you’re interested, get folding and send entries to


Cam and Noah’s OrigAvenger Foldmania! | #4: Iron Fold!

Today, it’s the very first member of the modern OrigAvengers: Iron Fold! Tomorrow’s character at the bottom of the post.

Origami Name: Iron Fold
Character: Clark Largent
Description: Clark Largent has changed more than anyone over the years. Starting as a guy just out for revenge, with no connection to any of the heroic things at all, he’s become a true believer in the mission of the OrigAvengers (though he’d never say so outright.) He accepts the leadership of others and feels the call to protect his school whenever and wherever he is.
Noah and Cam’s Puppets:

SuperFolder Puppets:

Tomorrow’s puppet is… Cal’s puppet, Spider-Fold! If you’re interested in being featured, get folding and send your entries to

Cam and Noah’s OrigAvenger Foldmania! | #2: Novagami!

8Hey everyone! Our first character is done; thanks so much to everyone who sent in their own Novagami puppets (tomorrow’s character is at the bottom of the post). Enjoy!

Origami Name: Novagami

Character: Amias Hill

Description: Amias Hill first appeared in Novagami and Adam Papercut, written by SF Hades. Amias was originally a grunt in the Wheeler JROTC, but after helping his best friend, Dane, defeat Dane’s older Jason in a fight, Amias became a sort of celebrity. He is now a leader of the JROTC, and inspired the whole group to use Nova puppets like him. Since defeating Jason, he’s been focused on finding out anything he can about the mysterious group T.H.A.N.O.S.

Noah and Cam’s Puppets:


SuperFolder Puppets:


Tomorrow’s puppet is… Thorigami! If you’re interested in being featured, get folding and send your entries to

Cam and Noah’s OrigAvenger Foldmania! | #1: Introduction!

Hey everyone!! It’s SFCamster and Noah.

We are just 18(?) days away from the release of T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds! We’re so excited for you all to read it.

So, in the hype in these last 18(?) days, Noah and I will be folding every OrigAvenger in the lineup, one per day!

But the fun isn’t just for us. Send your OrigAvenger puppets to to join, and we’ll post your entries, too!

Tomorrow, we’ll be folding Amias Hill’s character: Novagami. If you want, get folding; if not, enjoy the show!