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The Start of VGOU Fold 3

Hey Guys! I’m so excited to, for the voice of Origami Master 53, post about VGOU Fold 3’s kickstart!

I wrote Mega Pleat, and to keep you guys with some content flow, I asked Origami Master if I could post the story ASAP. So… without further ado:

Doug Corlett has had this puppet for a while now… but he hasn’t gotten to use it. This makes him really sad, and he’s decided to go on a rampage because of it. Can anyone stop the Mega Pleat from completing his levels? Or will he beat the game, and his old friends up, in the process?

Find out here: Mega Pleat

Art-Mong Us is OUT!

Hey guys!

SUS? SUS??? SUSSY???? SUS??? SUS!!?!?!?! SUS!!!! SUS!?! IMPOSTER SUIS??!! SUS!?!??!? SUS????


OriMario is OUT!

Hey Guys!

OriMario is out! Originally in a developmental purgatory, I took it up to write, and in two hours I composed it. Hades wrote a scathing foreword for the story, but I had a ton of fun writing it. See Joe and Joe Martinet as they face off against the mysterious Origami Bowser Junior… Right here, at OriMario

The Lead Up to the Tenth Anniversary (of the first story) is Upon Us! — DCOU Announcements

Hey guys, Peyton here!

So… with the Tenth Anniversary of the website’s first story in literally two days (the 18th), I have decided to do some announcements for the DCOU.

Firstly, we’re still hoping to get the rest of the Batpen to you all. Jar Jar’s putting in the effort. But, because of this, I am not comfortable with starting to post Fold Four.

Yes… Fold Four is happening! The end, Fold Three was not!

This post is mainly to showcase the Fold Four slate, which will end at the end of July. Attached here will also include brief summaries of the stories, so you can guys can start theorizing…

Ready to begin?

Here we go:

Wonder Folder: Odyssey by Guillermo involves the past catching up with Theresa Carter, facing an old friend.

Young Justcrease 2 by Origami_Master53 has a revamped team of sidekicks. They face a new enemy that spans all three schools.

The Fold vs The Reverse Fold By Noah is the conclusion of the Fold Trilogy, and it brings in one of Noah’s favorite Flash villain! He’s spoken about how he’s always wanted to do this character, and I feel like the title is explanatory: The Fold fights the Reverse Fold. Who will win?

Sirens of Pleat: The Kane Conspiracy by Hades combines many different DCOU women into one team, the Gotham City Sirens, and the Birds of Prey, all these rogues coming together for a common goal… and, yup, the sirens are blaring. Kane is in danger.

The Shredder Squad: Expel the Justice Pleats also by Hades follows a new Shredder Squad team, a year after the Brainiac war that the original Shredder Squad team waged. On this fresh team… nobody is safe. Not even the Justice Pleats.

Batfold 5 (untitled) by yours truly (SF Peyton) is something I cannot talk about.

And last, but certainly not least

Final Creases by me! This title was one I’ve wanted to reveal for a long time. Doctor Tenebris is pulling some strings, and everyone is on edge because of it. In this finale of the DCOU, how will all these characters we’ve gotten to know and love interact and face this superintendent?

I am so excited to share with you guys more of the DCOU in the coming future. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s to ten years of Origami!

Donkey Crease is now live!

Hey guys,

The VGOU continues with another sort of long-time awaited story, this time by Donatello! It’s an earlier Donatello story, but it’s pretty fun. Donkey Crease is a fun romp about a kid who takes up a Donkey Kong puppet. Be sure to read it and be nice! Next thing we know, OM’s VGOU will be ramping up! So excited for his universe to continue.

Be kind,


The MCP Saga continues!

Hey Guys!

Thrawn’s MCP saga continues with the actual MCP Saga, well, at least Part 1 of it. It’s been a long time coming, and it needed to be posted a long, long while back. I’m very excited for y’all to read it, and I’m sure Thrawn is too!

Read MCP Saga Part I by SF Thrawn now. I mean it. Read it, now.

Pac Fold 2 Has Released!

Hey guys,

Pac Fold 2, by Guillermo, has released! Return to Rapids Middle and a familiar face as he faces a mysterious book thief.


Please be nice when critiquing!

Thank you,


Thrawn’s Art Trek Continues!

Hey Guys, Peyton here!

So, I’ll admit: I messed up.

About a year ago, Thrawn had sent in Art Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, and I had just totally forgotten to post it. For a year. Lots of things have happened since that year, but I am happy to say 1.) I’m sorry Thrawn, and 2.) Art Trek 2 has finally dropped.

Roddenberry Boarding School’s story continues in Art Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, a story about unknown evils rising and bubbling to the surface, and how this affects our main character, Leonard. I really enjoyed the story on my first read through a year ago, and I enjoy it a lot now as well. Be sure to also read Art Trek 1 before reading this! Great job, Thrawn!

A DCOU/MOU Crossover of… EPIC Proportions!

Hey guys!

This is insane, but with the premiere of Moon Knight, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to coordinate days. So, today marks the release of Moon White Out, a story that involves a familiar face.

Given that the story is both a sort-of Midquel between Batfold 4 and the Super-secret Batfold 5, this story can be found in two places: The DCOU Fold 3 drop down menu, and the MOU One-shot Volume 3 menu.

The story follows Alan Wade, the former Batfold, as he makes his way through Wheeler High School, learning about who he is, and what the whole obsession with puppets there is.

There’s no differences between the two stories, by the way. They’re the same. The only difference is what comments will appear on either of them.

Read Moon White Out here (For Marvel Origami Universe) or here (DC Origami Universe).

Be sure to give me your thoughts! It was great to return to Alan.

For some trivia:

When the DCOU was cancelled, I had planned to fold Alan into the MOU with a story like this. It would’ve been more simple, and would’ve involved Alan appearing as a sort of main-stay around the end of Fold 2. Can’t help but wonder… What if?

BTFOLDS MONDAY: Pokemon Frenzy!

Hey guys! The Video Games Origami Universe continues with Origami Donatello’s Papermon. It’s a fun romp at Rapids Middle School, and we’re so excited for you guys to read it. It was posted a lot earlier today, but I forgot to schedule this post, my bad!

Anyways, here’s some pokemon trivia for you guys:

Did you know? There’s 4 “First” pokemon. There’s Bulbasaur, the first pokemon in the pokedex, rhydon, the first pokemon ever drawn, Mew (Pokemon Crystal claims “Because it can learn any move, some people began research to see if it is the ancestor of all Pokémon.”), and Arceus, the first pokemon created without an egg, said to be the creator of all pokemon and humans, but also can be captured by a boy in cargo shorts.

Be sure to give support to Donatello, and Origami Master, for this newest entry in the Video Games Origami Universe!