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A Real Quick PJOU Tuesday

Hey Superfolders!

I’m going to keep this one short because I don’t have much to announce.

Initially, Fold 3 and Fold 4 were supposed to be one fold but I seperated them because it was getting long. However, due to stories being… rearranged, as well as cut entirely from Fold 4, I’m really excited to say that Fold 3 and Fold 4 are merging. So, I give you FOLD 333. We’re in the endgame now, my friends.

PJOU… Tuesday?

Whew…. alright. Happy PJOU Tuesday, I guess! I don’t know. That feels wrong to say. Especially considering I’m writing this on a Sunday. Oh, the irony.

I should stop it with the sarcasm, at least for today. Why? Well, I’d be happy to tell you! PJOU Fold 3 is over. Yup, like, it’s done, you guys.

You can read Trials of Artpollo: The Town of Nero here, it’s a comedic and almost satirical story that follows Peyton Hunter and Hayden [Spoilers] on their journey out of Caesar Middle School and an investigation into the strange occurrences that have been going on throughout Fold 3… It’s a fun story, one that I’m very proud of.

Also dropping today, is the official TRAILER, yes that’s right, TRAILER for PJOU Fold 4. Watch it here!

Trailer for PJOU Fold 4


Let me, uh, kick this off with an apology. The PJOU’s been on and off for a while now, and that really is my fault. But to be fair, I’ve been living my best life in the meantime. And hey! Guess what! I’ve been hard at work. In the next few weeks you might get all of Fold 3 at once 🥺🥺🥺 please forgive me Superfolder central chan

Anyways. New story. Nico Di AngeFold. I wrote this, like, half a year ago. No seriously, it’s crazy. Go read it, or whatever. Does anyone even read these anymore? It’s like, under the PJOU Fold 3 tab. Yeah. Bye.


Well, it’s the PJOU’s One Year Anniversary. Honestly, it feels longer. Every second has been painful, but I digress. Because this is a happy time!

First things first, I am very happy to announce the final roster for Fold 3-

Nico Di AngeFold and Will Solcrease: Tainted Love- Edward Emily arrives at Caesar Middle Scholl after the events of The Iliad and decides to take actions into his own hands…

Ł()K!- When Jude Decassius arrives at an internship for Caesar Middle School, the school as we know it is turned on its head.

Label Levesque and The Hunters of Art-emis- Public Enemy #1, Kaitlyn Emily must face off against the bizarre forces of CHRONOS and Jackson Ordonia as the whole world beats down on her because of her one simple mistake.

The Trials of Artpollo- The Town of Nero- Peyton Hunter, exiled from OrigOlympus, launches a quest to solve the mystery that got her exiled in the first place… who is Nero? What is this mysterious company, Ouranatox? And how does this all tie back into the sinister of web of Angela Emily?

And yeah, that’s it. These stories might not seem important first, but a few of the characters introduced have MAJOR repercussions for the future of the PJOU, so keep your eyes peeled. I still have a few cards up my sleeve. Oh, but what about Fold 4: The Final Dynasty, you ask? Well…

The Death of Luke CastePleat

-Annashred 2: The Agon Returns

-The Debbie Don Diaries

-The Foust Chronicles 3: The Caesar Shadow

-Maglue Crease: The School of Summer

-Pleaty Jackson 3: The Last Days

And finally…

O-Reyna-Gami And The Bloodlines of OrigOlympus!!

And what of the future? Well, after the Origami Universe’s fourth and final installment of the Pleaty Jackson series… you’ll be seeing something new.

Something graphic…

A Gift For The Holidays, From Us To You!

2010. Tom Angleberger writes The Strange Case Of Origami Yoda.

2012. EvilJawa And JC Create The Origami Yoda Expanded Universe.

2018. DarthNoah creates the Marvel Origami Universe. Later that year, OrigamiLuke100 with the DC Origami Universe. 

2020 saw the birth of Guillermo’s, Hades’, Origami_Master53’s and Jar Jar Pleats’ own sagas, the Wizarding Folds Origami Universe, The Percy Jackson Origami Universe, The Video Pleats Origami Universe, and the Origami Cartoon Universe to be exact. 

Now, it is 2021. It nears 2022, and with that this websites’ ten year anniversary. Ten years we’ve spent, telling stories, doodling covers, and folding puppets. Superfolders have come and gone, of course. But the few of us that remain to this day- We’ve grown. We’ve been here for years. And whether or not any of us are willing to admit it, we’re reaching a point where many of the universes I listed before you will end, and though new worlds are sure to rise, sure to be explored, an end to what we know is inevitable. 

So… me and Peyton got to talking. How do we celebrate an end that isn’t really the end? 

And we think we figured it out… 

Read the rest of this entry

PJOU Sunday! #17

Well, well, well, here we are again. You know the drill. Character Recaps. Stories. News . All that and more…

Sopia Foust- Sopia’s story begins with Sopia’s rich archaologist Father taking Sopia from her home in Italy and props the sarcastic and angsty young girl in Brooklyn, more specifically, The Carter Institute. At Carter, she handles betrayal, a blossoming love triangle, and her embarrassment of a brother. Her and her brother’s escapades fuel the Foust Chronicles series, and yet they ultimately fail at the hands of Mr. Malcom Malifer, Set, and the Carter Institute is closed down for good. When they arrive at Caesar, the two siblings choose different paths and the rift between them grows further and further. Will Sopia be able to reconcile with her family, or will she succumb to the same fates as the allies that ruined her?

Find out in Fousts Chronicles 3!

Keana McDaniels- Keana joined The Hunters of ART-emis as any other hunter. Unlike the other Hunters, she developed a close personal connection with the commander, Kaitlyn Enily. After Kaitlyn’s defeat, she carried on the legacy of Zoe Nitesharpie, often working against The Hunters of ARTemis’ wishes. With Athens gone and Keana’s ties with The Hunters of ARTemis virtually cut, will she manage to uphold the values instilled in her by her peers? Find out in…

Label Levesque and The Hunters of Art-emis!!


That’s right, folks! FINALLY!!! We have a new story ready, and it’s really only the beginning! Read The Seven Champions underneath the Fold Three tab.

After a rebellion in 1992 orchestrated by Charles Emily, a group of heroes is called together with one incentive in mind. Defeat the rebel OriGods and take there place on the high seat of OrigOlynpus.

I highly recommend reading between the lines on this one because it is brimming with lore and foreshadowing. Anyways, see you guys in a few weeks, hopefully with the return of a fan favorite little character…

The Hades PJOU Hour

Heyo, Hades here. Let’s talk PJOU!

So, PJOU Fold 3 is going to be big on, well, alot of levels, actually. And I don’t think I can stress that enough, everything’s going to be heating up really fast. So, what’s the plan? Well, I’m going to kick things off with bi-weekly little snippets. I guess you could call it… PJOU Sunday. That’s right, baby! PJOU Sundays are back!


So, the first attraction I have planned is characters. Typically, I’ll go over two characters that already exist and follow that up by a new character’s informal introduction.

Estelle Astley- Estelle Astley grew up at Athens Middle, a snarky teenager with little regard for her own actions, instead staying close to her best friend, Tyler Willigens. Later on, she would have a fling with William Emily, the two going on and off for nearly eight years. Talk about dysfunctional! After William accidently sired a child, Mac Astley, Estelle wished for her child not to get involved in the origami nonsense of her past, something that soon proved impossible. How will she react to all that’s unfolded in Caesar Middle School whilst her baby was her? And why is she really so scared of Mac’s adventures at Athens? Find out in:

The Seven Champions: The Agon

Peyton Hunter- Peyton joined Sebastian Merrick’s rebellion, joining at a low rank. After proving her ability and defeating Kaitlyn Emily she garnered the attention of her peers, and after the original CHRONOS converted to OrigOlympus she donned the puppet of her Father, the mighty ARTPOLLO! After OrigOlympus conquered Caesar, what role will she now play? Will she give into her longings for power or will her heart and soul remain intact. A new arc begins for the Hunter in…

Nico Di AngeFold and Will SolCrease: Tainted Love

And finally, new character, Miles Ordonia!

Miles Ordonia, one of lucky few called upon to compete in the Agon and hunt down defeated rebels, he is pushed to betray the people he loves all to keep one secret, a secret that has changed the PJOU as we know it. He is… Artchilles. And his ballad will be sang in:

The Seven Champions: The Agon

Fold Four…

So, good/bad news, depending on perspective. Fold Three was getting big, both in terms of length and actual content, so I decided to split it up into two volumes, a third Fold and a fourth Fold respectively. I promise, it’ll be worth it in the end. My outline flesh the finale is looking novel length!

If you like this method of marketing, please tell me! I’m trying to be as active as I can with fan interaction, and this feels like the safest way to go. I’ll probably leave you with my closing question:

What’s your favorite story so far?

One MarvelOUs Chapter!

There was… an idea. To bring together a group remarkable writers, superfolders who stuck through Noah’s MOU through thick and thin, to give thanks, to thank him for inspiring us and touching hearts across the country!

And ths Superfolders delivered, essays were sent in, and it all culminated into… the MarvelOUs Files.

A collection of myself, Guillermo, Origami Master 53, Peyton, Jar Jar, Jawa, and CD’s thoughts, namely on specific chapters of Noah’s saga, and today, it is released not only to him, but to the world!!

The End of SFCC

what a wild ride it’s been, right? from the announcment to the MOU and ROU crossover, to Ready Puppet One. To the fall of Chase Kemp and to the rise of Dennis Walker. It’s been an honor to bring this to you, and I wanna leave you with something.
The creation of The Folded Connections in Foldtastic Four wasn’t a Fak Out.


Until next time, this is Hades. You’re on Superfolder Central. Good night. A
Aw shucks, I’m tearing up.

MOU Panel… sort of