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An Important Announcement

After much deliberation amongst the Council, SLS has been unbanned. This is a big decision. He is allowed back onto the site, but will remain under Mod Supervision until further notice. If you see anyone, not just SLS, breaking a rule; please let us know. Now that doesn’t mean be a tattletale, but if someone says something that hurts you or another member of the site, feel free to email us.

The safety of everyone on this site is the most important thing to all of the Council, and so we don’t make the decision lightly. Regardless, welcome back, SLS!


An MOU Doodle

While we’re waiting for the new stories, here is a quick doodle I did of Tilly Waterson!

The Claremont Saga Continues with Origami Nightcrawler!

We’re back with another look at Claremont Academy, written by Origami_Master53 about new guy Brandon Taylor! He just wants the Origami X-Men to notice him, but will they ever let him join? Read it here: The Tale of Origami Nightcrawler! and be sure to leave your thoughts!

Coming Soon: The Marvel Origami Universe Fold 4!

It’s finally that time, true believers! This Friday, Fold 4 will officially begin, with Origami X-Men and the New Girl, written by SF Guillermo!
As there always is, there’s been a few changes here and there from the announcement post back in July. But, it still promises to be a great new chapter in the history of Wheeler Academy, and now Claremont Academy!

See you then!

A Poll for Fold 4

Hey guys! We’re getting closer to the release of Fold 4 (still not incredibly close) and as such I’ve been doing some thinking, and wanted to ask a question: what would you like to see more of in Fold 4?

Is there a character you miss? A group of characters? Certain plotlines you want continued? Themes that you’d like explored? Please, tell us what it is that you’d like to see! Obviously, since you all are writing these, you’ll have a lot of control over what that thing is. But, as the Feige of this endeavor, it helps to know what to focus on.

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and I’ll hopefully see you soon!

The MOU Panel

What’s up, guys? Been awhile. This is Noah, by the way.

C:\Users\trick\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.SkypeApp_kzf8qxf38zg5c\LocalState\0ac0adcd-a4f9-4a1c-8954-75af14d2f227_20180610_221550703.jpgFold 4 of the Marvel Origami Universe! Big deal, don’t you think? After T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds, things have changed a lot. Our favorite characters are definitely in weird spots; some have left, some have changed schools and some have no idea what they’re doing! The first thing we’re going to be doing is checking up on them, right?
Wrong, actually.

If you read Return of the SCS, which just released this week (props to OL100 and Cam for writing it!) you’d remember that all-important epilogue, where we find out that not only is Clark going to Claremont Academy, but Claremont is also home to a bunch of characters who have been mysteriously missing from the MOU so far: the Origami X-Men, of course!

Claremont is going to be different. For one thing, they don’t even use puns! Isn’t that weird? But, we’ll have a chance to get to know all of the Origami X-Men, and I think you’ll all enjoy it. Especially since most of you will have the chance to write for them!

I won’t give the whole lineup, but the most important for the first portion of Fold 4 will be these. And so far, only the Council are confirmed to write, but that’s where you all will come in: Read the rest of this entry

SuperFolder Thrawn Presents: An Interview with SF Noah

I guess here’s another interview! This time, conducted by Thrawn! Read it here:

Read the rest of this entry

We Need to Talk About F.O.L.D.


Hey guys! Noah here. There’s something I need to address for the MOU going forward.

Everybody knows what F.O.L.D. is, right? The organization of students who does everything S.H.I.E.L.D. does, just as kids? It’s been a really helpful part of the stories in the past, because it gave us a lot of quick and easy explanations for things, like where the puppets come from and a guide for how the story goes.

However, because of that, it can be considered a writing ‘crutch’, which is basically just something that makes the story really easy and simple. I don’t really want that anymore.

At the end of Infinity Folds, Tilly Waterson closes F.O.L.D. down because she believes that it’s caused more harm that good. That was a definitive closure. F.O.L.D. doesn’t matter anymore, and it never will. Going forward, it’s just stopped, like Tilly’s intended it to.

I don’t want F.O.L.D. to be a plot point for anymore stories, because it makes things too easy. I really want to see everyone here grow as writers, so removing as many crutches as possible can help with that. If F.O.L.D. is a plot point going forward, it’ll be edited out pretty much immediately. We’re that serious about it.

So! That’s about all I wanted to say. If you guys have a big part for F.O.L.D. in your work-in-progress stories, I want to challenge you to edit them out and come up a more unique solution for the story’s problem. I can guarantee you it’ll make your story stand out more in the long run.

Foldmania Extra: Shang-Chi and some Fun Facts!

I know you’re all probably waiting at the edge of your seats to read the finale of the current MOU, but until then we have some last minute fun!

Jar-Jar Pleats has started the final story before Infinity Folds, ‘The Peculiar Arrival of Shang-Crease‘. That’ll hold you over for a couple hours, at least!

And, for your enjoyment, we’ve compiled some fun facts about the development of the MOU!

  1. T.H.A.N.O.S. was one of the very first concepts we ever came up with! The idea for different people being different letters was there from the start, along with the names of the characters. You’ll have to wait and see exactly who they all are tomorrow, though.
  2. Originally, there was going to be a seventh member of the original OrigAvengers: a girl who would use Echo, a sort of ninja character. She was ultimately scrapped.
  3. Ally was planned to be a guy! Initially, along with the seventh member, there would be four boys: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Hulk. When we scrapped Echo we decided to change one of the characters, so we decided on Hulk. That’s how Ally was created!
  4. Cassidy Lashay was initially going to be the villain in Imperfect Iron Fold. She would still be a popular girl at Kirby, but she’d use the puppet Madame Masque and turn Clark against his friends.
  5. Many of the teachers at Kirby and Wheeler are named after Marvel crew. In Thorigami II, for example, Mr. Branagh is named for Kenneth Branagh, director of Thor
  6. Cal is short for something, we just don’t totally know what. Calvin, maybe?
  7. Most of Fold 3 was actually unplanned. You all kept writing stories, though, so we kept adding them!
  8. Kirby High School is pretty obviously named after Jack ‘The King’ Kirby, one of the most influential writers in the MOU. But the namesake of Wheeler is a little more obscure: Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson was a soldier, who, after World War I, started to write newspaper comic strips. He founded a company called National Allied Publications which eventually became known as DC Comics!
  9. Clark’s middle name, Anthony, is a not-so-subtle reference to his puppets’ namesake, Anthony ‘Tony’ Stark.
  10.  Altogether (on their own stories and working together), Noah and Cam have written 155,827 words for the MOU. And that’s not counting editing!

That’s it for today. We’ll see you all tomorrow, with T.H.A.N.O.S. and the Infinity Folds!

Cam and Noah’s Foldmania: The Last Day! Thanos and…a Bunch of Other People!

We’ve done it! We’ve come to the last day of Foldmania! Thank you to everyone who sent in puppets these last 14 days. It’s been really fun.

Origami Name: T.H.A.N.O.S.
Character Name: ?
Description: T.H.A.N.O.S. is a group working in the shadows. Nobody knows exactly what they want, only that it could affect both schools in a big way. Is is good? Is it evil? Only time will tell.
Cam and Noah’s Puppets:

SuperFolder Puppets:

Since this is the last day, we didn’t want to end on such a sour note with Thanos. So, all of the other great stuff you’ve made that didn’t quite fit into the other days can go here!

Thank you all so much for participating! We’ll see you tomorrow, with T.H.A.N.O.S.!