Writer’s Blog #1 – DCOU Thoughts

Hey guys! So, I’ve been in the process of writing BatFold Five, which I have actually secretly known the title to since the original inspiration had released in 2020. Yeah! Midst of Covid, the original idea had started formulating.

So… at first, I was going to wait and write it once all the other Batfold-related stories were completed (BatPen, The Kane High Sirens story, etcetera), but I’ve been getting increasingly stressed about not finishing the site in time. So, I kind of just went “okay, time to get this stuff done.”

This came from a thought-process of how interconnected the universe of the DCOU actually was. Sure, there’s stories like Kingdom Cut and Justice Pleats (and it’s spiritual successor Justice Pleats Dark) that are so intertwined with the greater DCOU, but everything else is largely disconnected. You can read SuPaperMan: Genesis and SuPaperMan: Doomsclay and understand that narrative. Similarly, you can read all the Batfold stories on their own (plus Justice Pleats) and get the Alan Wade story in it’s entirety. Shredder Squad, when I wrote it, is MEANT to be something anyone can read. It’s so separate from the greater DCOU (Despite taking place in the same schools and stuff) that you can read it and understand it. Any returning characters have their background explained. Reign of the SuPaperMen explains that Chris Booth has dropped SuPaperMan for some reason, but it is not the central focus of that part.

In this approach, I figured that BatFold 5 should, then, be done in a similar way. Stan Lee once said “Every Comic Book is someone’s first”, and, because of that, I’ve now approached the end of the Alan Wade saga in the same aspect. I’m not waiting anymore on other stories to begin work on this (though I’ll have to wait to receive those stories before I can post…).

So… the Alan Wade saga. Where’s it going?

I can’t explain much, but all I’ll say is that familiar faces are returning, and there’s a big mystery to solve.

Anyways— Let me talk about Final Creases for a bit.

Final Creases is the total opposite approach compared to BatFold 5. It is the END of the DCOU. The finale! It must pay homage to every corner of the universe in same way. Because of that, when I started preliminary plans for it back in 2020, I had made a promise that made future Peyton would immediately regret: Every character of the DCOU (that’s mentioned in this story) would get a chapter. So, immediately, when I started writing Batfold 5, I was like “okay, this needs to be a finale for some of the Crease Family, too. A lot of them will not have a main role in the finale, I simply can’t imagine it.” So, hopefully, you guys enjoy the finales I give them.

Because of this promise I made to the heavens (and really nobody else), Final Creases will be 95 chapters, split amongst 7 parts. Part 6 has 44 chapters, split between 4 parts (11 chapters per part). I imagine it will be one of the longer stories on this site. With 2 chapters written so far, I’m in for quite the undertaking soon.

So… that leads to WHY I made this post:

To keep myself sane. Other council members might start doing this too, really to just keep themselves personally on track within the coming months. I’ve said it to them everyday: We Have Got To Finish the Site.

This mantra is not said with the intention of “I hate this site”, it is with the recognition that this is a collaborative project that has been many, many, many years in the making. Due to how long it has taken, we must complete our projects, and begin a new thing after. I am proud of you guys, and I would love to start a discussion down below on how progress is going. Keep writing, and have fun!


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  1. I can’t wait for Batfold 5 and the finale!!!!!

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