The Site Is Being Archived…? What Does That Mean -An Update

Hey guys! It’s been about three months since we announced the archiving of the site. I decided that to keep this efficient I’ll be keeping you all in the know of how things are going.

First, I’d like to clear up some misinformation I’ve seen being spread around as well as emphazing some points that seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

One. After March 31st, NO new stories will be added to the slate. If we find something lost in our drive, because hey, all of the council has done it at some point, that’s a different story. But if you message me or Peyton about the possibility of adding a new story onto the already stressful workload we will not allow it.

Two. Contrary to popular belief, the site is not ending solely because of “The Council getting too old.” That is an oversimplification. The entire council has been college aged for the last couple of years, save for me. The general consensus being that I was a brought on as a new young face. The main reason is much more simple, there’s really no stories left to tell. We did Star Wars, we did Marvel, we did Video Games, we did Percy Jackson and we even did Harry Potter. There’s simply nothing truly worth doing with the site, and when we can be focusing on other sites and writing without the limitations of puppet fictions, this site becomes more of a detriment than anything.

Now, onto some lighter news.

When we started the archiving initiative there were, give or take, 50 stories on our list scattered across various universe, but now we have 29! If you want to get more statistical, that’s four in the VGOU, two in the PJOU, eight in the DCOU, two in the WFOU, three in Revisted, one in the MOU, one in Fold of the Rings (HOW) and seven in the OU. What led us here, you ask?

Well, you guys! You all have been hard at work trying to get your stories done and I’d like to take a special moment to appreciate OM53 for staying on the grind. However, there’s also been some major cancellations. For example, Thrawn’s departure from the community means that the four stories left on his slate are all cancelled. However, his stories’ outlines will be posted beneath the BTFolds page. While I highly reccomend you find an alternative, this can be used as a last resort if you feel there is something preventing you from writing a story within our time constraints. Note: This is the exception, not the rule.

Also, another cancellation, the Origami Universe. No, not the entire universe, but the final story, has been removed from our backlog. The story was unnecessary given the nature of the other stories being written, and it was a bit too complicated to make a reality. I know this may come as a disappoint to some of you but we truly do believe that with the way Shredder Squad 3 ends, it’s just not needed.

It’s crazy to think that both the PJOU and the VGOU have a chance of ending next month. Both serieses that I am completely invested in.

Love y’all, happy pride month, I’m out!

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  1. So I found a bunch of stories in my drafts bin and sent them about a month ago. Will those be added to the site?

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