Wow! TEN YEARS of the Origami Yoda Expanded Universe! (or SuperFolder Central, as it is now called).

I figured that ten years calls for a bit of a celebration. And while my first in-print book is nearing publication, I decided to make you all a story that’s a little more tied to the expanded universe of SFC that you know and love. Therefore, I have decided to create a character-driven conclusion to the Jacob Minch story arc that started a decade ago, and bring to you all the trialsome tale that is… MINCH.

You will find that story at https://superfoldercentral.com/origami-yoda-the-expanded-universe/origami-yoda-revisited/minch/

This adventure follows the Jacob Minch character formerly known as “Jim” as he reels with Noah’s cataclysmic reveal in Foldtastic Four–they used to be brothers, and he had an entirely different life, in another universe. With this startling revelation in mind, Jacob sets out to create a case file which documents and commentates on his crazy and weird and good and evil past lives throughout the multiverse, of which we know quite well, as he answers the big question: WHO IS JACOB MINCH?

Also, here is a video message from me to commemorate these ten years on the site!



About JC

I am the author of the SuperVillainy High series, a SuperFolder on OrigamiYoda.com, and Webmaster of OrigamiChewbacca.WordPress.com!

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