The Lead Up to the Tenth Anniversary (of the first story) is Upon Us! — DCOU Announcements

Hey guys, Peyton here!

So… with the Tenth Anniversary of the website’s first story in literally two days (the 18th), I have decided to do some announcements for the DCOU.

Firstly, we’re still hoping to get the rest of the Batpen to you all. Jar Jar’s putting in the effort. But, because of this, I am not comfortable with starting to post Fold Four.

Yes… Fold Four is happening! The end, Fold Three was not!

This post is mainly to showcase the Fold Four slate, which will end at the end of July. Attached here will also include brief summaries of the stories, so you can guys can start theorizing…

Ready to begin?

Here we go:

Wonder Folder: Odyssey by Guillermo involves the past catching up with Theresa Carter, facing an old friend.

Young Justcrease 2 by Origami_Master53 has a revamped team of sidekicks. They face a new enemy that spans all three schools.

The Fold vs The Reverse Fold By Noah is the conclusion of the Fold Trilogy, and it brings in one of Noah’s favorite Flash villain! He’s spoken about how he’s always wanted to do this character, and I feel like the title is explanatory: The Fold fights the Reverse Fold. Who will win?

Sirens of Pleat: The Kane Conspiracy by Hades combines many different DCOU women into one team, the Gotham City Sirens, and the Birds of Prey, all these rogues coming together for a common goal… and, yup, the sirens are blaring. Kane is in danger.

The Shredder Squad: Expel the Justice Pleats also by Hades follows a new Shredder Squad team, a year after the Brainiac war that the original Shredder Squad team waged. On this fresh team… nobody is safe. Not even the Justice Pleats.

Batfold 5 (untitled) by yours truly (SF Peyton) is something I cannot talk about.

And last, but certainly not least

Final Creases by me! This title was one I’ve wanted to reveal for a long time. Doctor Tenebris is pulling some strings, and everyone is on edge because of it. In this finale of the DCOU, how will all these characters we’ve gotten to know and love interact and face this superintendent?

I am so excited to share with you guys more of the DCOU in the coming future. Keep your eyes peeled!

Here’s to ten years of Origami!

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