Coming Soon: The MOU Fold 5

Hey everybody, Noah here. It’s been a while!

Today (please do not check today’s date, it means nothing) I am pleased to announce the long-awaited continuation of the MOU: Fold 5!

Coming Maytember 16th, five more stories will be posted for the beloved universe, starring all of the fan favorites. The authors have already been decided, and it’s been incredible working with them all through this surprise continuation.

The Pen-isher by SF Peyton
After all of his friends leave and Tilly still refuses to go on a date, Leonard ‘Nard’ Broderick decides to take matters into his own hands and become the newest hero of Wheeler Academy, the Pen-isher. Yes, it’s a ridiculous name, but no, he’s not changing it. Along the way, he learns what it means to truly live in a society and becomes a loyal follower of Patrick Bateman.

Foldtastic Four: Growing Pains by SF Tommy Lomax
From New York Times bestselling author of the Origami Yoda case files comes a biography of the lives of Noah and Frankie Minch as they become accustomed to married life and have their own children. This one has absolutely nothing to do with origami so I don’t know why it’s on the list.

The Watcher-gami by SF Kevin Feige
Finally admitting that the MCU has been copying the MOU this entire time, ‘visionary’ producer Kevin Feige has finally given me the respect I deserve and asked to write something for his favorite series. I graciously accepted. It’s something about the Watcher, I think. Probably some creepy kid watching other kids to steal their ideas too, isn’t that right, Kevin?

Captain Marfold 2: The Tilly Waterson Chronicles by the SF community
Tilly becomes a tutor at Wheeler Academy after graduating, and finds that she has an entire fan club of dedicated students, who all love Captain Marfold! This will be the first story in the ‘Older Reader’ Section of the site, also coming soon.

And finally, Spider-Fold: The Swing of Things by SF Jar Jar
It’s never coming out, is it?

This will be an incredible new wave of stories, I’m sure, and I can’t wait to share them with you all.

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  1. I still feel that this is an April Fools joke. I want more proof than just this.

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