A DCOU/MOU Crossover of… EPIC Proportions!

Hey guys!

This is insane, but with the premiere of Moon Knight, I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to coordinate days. So, today marks the release of Moon White Out, a story that involves a familiar face.

Given that the story is both a sort-of Midquel between Batfold 4 and the Super-secret Batfold 5, this story can be found in two places: The DCOU Fold 3 drop down menu, and the MOU One-shot Volume 3 menu.

The story follows Alan Wade, the former Batfold, as he makes his way through Wheeler High School, learning about who he is, and what the whole obsession with puppets there is.

There’s no differences between the two stories, by the way. They’re the same. The only difference is what comments will appear on either of them.

Read Moon White Out here (For Marvel Origami Universe) or here (DC Origami Universe).

Be sure to give me your thoughts! It was great to return to Alan.

For some trivia:

When the DCOU was cancelled, I had planned to fold Alan into the MOU with a story like this. It would’ve been more simple, and would’ve involved Alan appearing as a sort of main-stay around the end of Fold 2. Can’t help but wonder… What if?

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