BTFOLDS MONDAY: Pokemon Frenzy!

Hey guys! The Video Games Origami Universe continues with Origami Donatello’s Papermon. It’s a fun romp at Rapids Middle School, and we’re so excited for you guys to read it. It was posted a lot earlier today, but I forgot to schedule this post, my bad!

Anyways, here’s some pokemon trivia for you guys:

Did you know? There’s 4 “First” pokemon. There’s Bulbasaur, the first pokemon in the pokedex, rhydon, the first pokemon ever drawn, Mew (Pokemon Crystal claims “Because it can learn any move, some people began research to see if it is the ancestor of all Pokémon.”), and Arceus, the first pokemon created without an egg, said to be the creator of all pokemon and humans, but also can be captured by a boy in cargo shorts.

Be sure to give support to Donatello, and Origami Master, for this newest entry in the Video Games Origami Universe!

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