Hey guys! Sorry about the late nature of this post (and the one on Sonic the Foldhog!) But I am excited to show you guys the newest entry in DCOU Fold 3.

This story is still in progress, so expect a post within the next few days about it’s completion, but CJ Whogley’s story continues in Jar Jar Pleats’ “THE BATPEN!” I wanted to coordinate release schedules to coincide with The Batman’s release in theaters (I’m seeing it tomorrow! Please no spoilers!)

CJ returns after the whole Tin Titans saga to a Kane that is riddled with corruption and violence. Plus, he has to deal with a… familiar new face. Can he keep his head down? Or will everything go belly-up?

Read The BatPen Here.

Anyways… Let’s look into the future:

On Monday, you guys will be getting “Kingdom Cut” by SF Hades, and then… you’ll be getting the longest story on the site (so far), Shredder Squad

Here’s some Shredder Squad Trivia: There was going to be Nuclear Man, Matter Eater Lad, and Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man on the team, but they were scrapped!

See you guys soon, and give Jar Jar your feedback!

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  1. Lol, I’m iffy about The Batman but still wont to see it! (I haven’t seen it so I wont be giving any spoilers!)

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