DCOU Fold Three Starts… TODAY!

Hey Guys! Things have been really busy with college, but I’ve finally gotten all of the DCOU stories for Fold 3 ready to be posted… starting… today!

Today, Green Paper Lantern 2: Derek Vs. Stuart has officially dropped. For the first time in a fold, we return to the classic characters of Parallaxigami and the Green Paper Lantern.

On top of that, some important One Shots by OM53, Kid Fold 3 and Red X-Igami have officially dropped. These are all fun stories guys, and I’m so excited that the second-to-last fold is officially getting off the ground.

This Friday, expect “Origami Mr. Miracle” By Superfolder Thrawn. After that, coinciding with the release of “The Batman,” expect Jar Jar’s “The BatPen.” Don’t forget to give your thoughts and feedback!

See you all soon!

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  1. I beat you😈

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