Well, it’s the PJOU’s One Year Anniversary. Honestly, it feels longer. Every second has been painful, but I digress. Because this is a happy time!

First things first, I am very happy to announce the final roster for Fold 3-

Nico Di AngeFold and Will Solcrease: Tainted Love- Edward Emily arrives at Caesar Middle Scholl after the events of The Iliad and decides to take actions into his own hands…

Ł()K!- When Jude Decassius arrives at an internship for Caesar Middle School, the school as we know it is turned on its head.

Label Levesque and The Hunters of Art-emis- Public Enemy #1, Kaitlyn Emily must face off against the bizarre forces of CHRONOS and Jackson Ordonia as the whole world beats down on her because of her one simple mistake.

The Trials of Artpollo- The Town of Nero- Peyton Hunter, exiled from OrigOlympus, launches a quest to solve the mystery that got her exiled in the first place… who is Nero? What is this mysterious company, Ouranatox? And how does this all tie back into the sinister of web of Angela Emily?

And yeah, that’s it. These stories might not seem important first, but a few of the characters introduced have MAJOR repercussions for the future of the PJOU, so keep your eyes peeled. I still have a few cards up my sleeve. Oh, but what about Fold 4: The Final Dynasty, you ask? Well…

The Death of Luke CastePleat

-Annashred 2: The Agon Returns

-The Debbie Don Diaries

-The Foust Chronicles 3: The Caesar Shadow

-Maglue Crease: The School of Summer

-Pleaty Jackson 3: The Last Days

And finally…

O-Reyna-Gami And The Bloodlines of OrigOlympus!!

And what of the future? Well, after the Origami Universe’s fourth and final installment of the Pleaty Jackson series… you’ll be seeing something new.

Something graphic…

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