Hype for The Shredder Squad – Day One

Hey guys!

I’ve been hard at work working on The Shredder Squad for… literally the last year. Yes! I’ve been working on it since November of last year when we first decided the cast. I got the feeling that this’ll be one of the longest, most jam-packed stories on the site, and it’ll have a lot of old and new faces joining the world of Jutefruce. So, as we get closer and closer to the release (trust me – I’m working on it during any free time I have!) I would like to showcase some characters over time. So, we’ll start with my personal favorite: Ronald Lamden, the King Crease.

Ronald Lamden’s King Crease versus the titular Kid Fold in 2020’s Kid Fold

Ronald Lamden, also known as the King Crease, is based on King Shark, the Flash villain that is a monster on both the land and the seas. Ronald is very much the same way – he’s a football player, but he also knows how to swim. However, his child-like demeanor and his clumsiness usually gets in the way of him ever thinking straight.

Ronald Lamden became a personal favorite of mine when Origami Master made him the villain of one of his first DCOU stories, the Kid Fold. The Kid Fold story would then be expanded upon in Kid Fold 2, and we’ve even received Kid Fold 3, which will be posted whenever Fold 3 begins.

Lamden has appeared in several other stories, in rather odd places…

For example, King Crease appears in the MOU’s Foldtastic Four. When I was writing the scene, I knew I wanted a member from the most major OUs at the time. So, we had Silas, who was a user that wanted a Darth Plagueis (I think) puppet. That’s the McQuarrie rep. We had Annashred Crease, from the ROU. Ilkey Grammar School from the Wizarding Folds is mentioned. We have Linkin from the VGOU, and I went “Well, what should we have be the DCOU rep?”

JC didn’t know, and no one else did. So I spent some time thinking about who would have the most chemistry between Linkin and this new “Silas” character. There were the obvious ones; we could’ve had a serious thing between Chris Booth and this kid about heroics. We could’ve chosen a villain like Neil Swift, who would say that he could easily take down the puny Video Game school in an instant and ask a kid with a sith puppet if he’d like to work with Neil in this endeavor. But I thought of a character I’ve wanted to write for the longest time: King Crease.

I kind of wanted to do it partially for the comedic effect, but to also honor OM. OM has been a really passionate author in our community for a while, and his characters make me happy when I read them. I get excited to read any new story by him, and I’ve had many times when I’m working on college assignments where I need something fun to do, and I find myself reading and editing one of OM’s newest works, be it for the VGOU or DCOU.

So, Ronald Lamden was the character I chose; this bully who types in all caps, who lacks any grammatical reasoning to save his life.

At the time, I had only written four chapters of The Shredder Squad. I knew Ronald was going to be a character in it, but I didn’t want him to be anything major.

Well… times have changed.

Ronald Lamden has quickly became one of my favorite DCOU characters to write, probably right below Alan Wade and CJ. He has a pretty fun arc that I’m excited for you guys to read in The Shredder Squad, coming whenever it’s ready.

Here’s a sneak peek of one of my favorite jokes involving Ronald:

Stay tuned for more posts like this one. I’m thinking of doing a cast list soon, so if you want to send in your origami to be featured here, please let me know!

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  1. Lol I thought Ronald left the DCOU. I thought that until I saw him in Foldtastic 4

  2. Peyton, I can give you instructions to the King Crease puppet if you need it.

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