VGOU Monday! – New Story Released, and some LORE!

Hey guys! It has been a REALLY Busy last few weeks… months, even! I know you haven’t heard from me much, but I am happy to present to you guys Origami Master’s new VIDEO GAMES ORIGAMI UNIVERSE DAY!!

Every other Monday will be dedicated to OM’s awesome universe! I’ve been keeping up with it myself; I know two universes like the back of my hand, the DCOU and the VGOU. I’m not sure what OM wants me to put here, so I’m going to do some things I typically did for DCOU (Which will be making a return anytime soon… You might be getting something on Friday…)

So: Here’s SF Arctic’s (wonder how he’s doing) Shadow the Foldhog!

Here’s a little VGOU lore for those that haven’t read much of it yet (You really should, they’re so fun!):

Be sure to give Arctic support, and also try constructive critiquing if you want to! We love seeing you guys improve.

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I lost my account, but here I am.

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  1. Thanks for doing this Peyton!

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