The Hades PJOU Hour

Heyo, Hades here. Let’s talk PJOU!

So, PJOU Fold 3 is going to be big on, well, alot of levels, actually. And I don’t think I can stress that enough, everything’s going to be heating up really fast. So, what’s the plan? Well, I’m going to kick things off with bi-weekly little snippets. I guess you could call it… PJOU Sunday. That’s right, baby! PJOU Sundays are back!


So, the first attraction I have planned is characters. Typically, I’ll go over two characters that already exist and follow that up by a new character’s informal introduction.

Estelle Astley- Estelle Astley grew up at Athens Middle, a snarky teenager with little regard for her own actions, instead staying close to her best friend, Tyler Willigens. Later on, she would have a fling with William Emily, the two going on and off for nearly eight years. Talk about dysfunctional! After William accidently sired a child, Mac Astley, Estelle wished for her child not to get involved in the origami nonsense of her past, something that soon proved impossible. How will she react to all that’s unfolded in Caesar Middle School whilst her baby was her? And why is she really so scared of Mac’s adventures at Athens? Find out in:

The Seven Champions: The Agon

Peyton Hunter- Peyton joined Sebastian Merrick’s rebellion, joining at a low rank. After proving her ability and defeating Kaitlyn Emily she garnered the attention of her peers, and after the original CHRONOS converted to OrigOlympus she donned the puppet of her Father, the mighty ARTPOLLO! After OrigOlympus conquered Caesar, what role will she now play? Will she give into her longings for power or will her heart and soul remain intact. A new arc begins for the Hunter in…

Nico Di AngeFold and Will SolCrease: Tainted Love

And finally, new character, Miles Ordonia!

Miles Ordonia, one of lucky few called upon to compete in the Agon and hunt down defeated rebels, he is pushed to betray the people he loves all to keep one secret, a secret that has changed the PJOU as we know it. He is… Artchilles. And his ballad will be sang in:

The Seven Champions: The Agon

Fold Four…

So, good/bad news, depending on perspective. Fold Three was getting big, both in terms of length and actual content, so I decided to split it up into two volumes, a third Fold and a fourth Fold respectively. I promise, it’ll be worth it in the end. My outline flesh the finale is looking novel length!

If you like this method of marketing, please tell me! I’m trying to be as active as I can with fan interaction, and this feels like the safest way to go. I’ll probably leave you with my closing question:

What’s your favorite story so far?

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