The MOU Finale is here: The End of the Line.

Three years in the making, this was.

The finale of the MOU has been finished. Titled ‘The End of the Line,’ read it where you read it.

This couldn’t have been done without you all. Without people reading and writing stories for the crazy world of Kirby, Wheeler and Claremont, it never would have become the thing that brought the EU back from the dead, or the huge ‘franchise’ it is today.

I would like to personally thank the mods, and specifically Cam, for all of their help and support throughout this process.

I love you all 3000.

Good night.

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  1. The MOU was the universe that got me into writing stories! But which Universe will take it’s place? My guess is Wizarding folds. (Mostly because it was (I think) the first BTFolds universe made)

    • I don’t think anything needs to take it’s place, exactly. The MOU, the DCOU, the PJOU, the VPOU and the WFOU all have so many unique styles and ways of writing that ot would be wrong to jump to comparisons. With that being said, several new Origami universes will be sprouting in the next couple of years, so dont be afraid, this is only the beginning, my dear friend!

    • Hey man! If you’re interested in writing for the WFOU, send me an email!

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