Thrawn’s Panel

Welcome back to Thrawn’s Soapbox where I tell you the juice on all my upcoming stuff and possibly hint at bigger things to come! So sit down and grab some water because it’s time to get to it.

Serapis saga: There are two more stories left in this series that I have come to love so much. I hope you love them as well.

Orisirus tells all (title not final)- I have been dodging the origins of the Egyptian Pantheon since the beginning of the Foust Chronicles and I think if I do it one more time Hades might up and hunt me down. So in order to avoid all that I have decided to finally tell it from the POV of the guy who folded the first crease. 

Serapis– The final part in the saga. You all finally figure out why the Egyptians left, and who made them do it…

MCP Saga – It’s been a mighty long time since I have talked about this; and that’s on purpose. I loved planning this out but now that the end is finally here it’s like I no longer want to continue. But that’s just not how I like to go out; So i’m just going to leave the topic at this.  The end is near people! So watch your backs, or he just might grab ya’!

Other stuff:

The future is always in motion, people. I got other projects like Art Trek 2 & 3 and Foust Chronicles 3 in the pipeline so consider everything that I just told you to be ‘the tip of the iceberg’. But before I go I want to leave you all a hint at something in the future that I am SUPER amped for.

“Beware the people of South Georgia. I heard that they can be small but cunning, loud but agile and menacing but sweet. Beware the people of South Georgia. I heard that they can be wise but deadly, dead but alive and crazy but humble.”

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