SFCCon Year Two’s DCOU Panel!

Hey everybody! Another year, another panel, huh? And right on the cusp of the closure of another fold too!

That’s right… We’re approaching the end of Fold Two! Which, I know, is a bit odd… because… where’s the team-up end-of-the-fold crossover?

As we know, there’s usually a team-up at the end of these things. VPOU had Super Smash Folds for the end of it’s fold one, MOU has had Origavengers, Rage of Artron, and T.H.A.N.O.S., and DCOU even had the Justice Pleats, but… looking at the lineup… well…

So, we have only Supaperman: Doomsclay remaining. Which, I’m sure long-time readers are asking “Peyton, where’s Paper Corps War?”

Yeah… about that… it’s cancelled… I had decided that for the sake of the narrative I was planning, there was no need for a summer camp story. While it would’ve been fun to have the characters make their puppets into paper corps characters (Theresa would’ve had a really cool Red Paper Lantern Wonder Folder), there wouldn’t have been much else in that story. The conflict wouldn’t have been there, there wouldn’t be much in the way of potential stories to tell. Stuart Jones would’ve been the main character, but besides that… yeah. I didn’t know what to put. So… Stuart Jones will return.

But Supaperman: Doomsclay…

Oh man.

You guys are in for a treat! Cammy has been hard at work with it, and in fact… you may be seeing it sooner, rather than later.

I don’t want to say much about the story, but when me and him had conversations on it, we saw the potential to tell a story that is really close to the heart, and really deep to the core. Something we’ve noticed is that us writers that have since graduated high school have been wanting to tell stories about some of the unexpected fears that happen while in high school. So, Chris Booth will be… going through a lot. That’s all I’ll say.

But… I don’t want to leave you guys reading that without something else for it, so…


Let’s talk Fold Three.

Fold Three is a bit tough to like… accurately describe. It’s the last fold of the DCOU, and with that comes a sort of pressure to make it good.

Earlier in the year, I had believed Fold Three would be done (And the DCOU) Before SFCCon happened. I got to say I’m not surprised that it isn’t (and that it hasn’t started). We’ve been really busy, figuring out how things should go, and the stories kind of get a bit tough to do when we’re really busy. Due dates are almost arbitrary encouragements at this point, yknow? So, I had released some information about Fold Three, including the first half.


Let’s talk about that as well.

Firstly, Batwomanigami has been cancelled. Break-ups, personal stuff, and also the fact that we didn’t know what to exactly do with the character. Plus, there was already a Bat-centric story in the first half of the fold. It’s almost redundant for the last fold to have so many Bat-Centric stuff.

So, for the school year of 2019-2020, The three following stories will be coming out that take place during that time:

Shredder Squad – By Me (With Jawa as a consulting/ideas person)

The Batpen – By JarJar

Kingdom Cut – By Hades

Shredder Squad tells the story of a gang of misfits and bullies, who are forced to form a team when a mysterious, overbearing force threatens to get three teachers fired. Either they stop the threat, or they’re expelled for trying…

The Batpen revolves around a familiar character taking up the BatPen moniker after Alan Wade, near the beginning of summer, mysteriously dropped the Batfold puppet and left the city of Jutefruce altogether. Can he help Kane? Or will the Batpen suffer the same fate as the one that came before?

Kingdom Cut focuses around the DCOU heroes of old, now adults, and the team that had formed around their children, from the Huntress to others. Old and New clash in this story, and, to tell you the truth… I don’t know much about it, because even Hades has kept it secret from me! So I assume he knows what he’s doing, but take this summary with a grain of salt.

Shredder Squad is really the only story of the first half that I can talk a lot about, and while I’d be happy to give you guys a sneak peek… I… don’t know. I’m in the outlining stages of it, a few chapters written already, and I kind of want to hold the cards still to my chest.

But I’m sure there’s this question, rattling in your heads…

Where is he?

Where is Alan Wade?

Oh boy, Oh-ho-ho. Oh man.


Everything had caught up with me, and I laid against the toilet bowl, puking occasionally, the hurl of leftover roast, soup, peas, rib-b-qs, and countless other things that were in my stomach now laid in the water. My teeth hurt, and my body felt weak. Literally, where had I been?

I was at that summer camp, I didn’t feel it there, I boarded the airplane, felt nothing, and I had made landfall, moved in, been here for a few months, and only now has it all hit.

Mom and Dad are dead. Okay, yeah, that hit long ago. It’s not old news, the wound is still bleeding, but it hurts, dang-it, it hurts bad.

Justice Pleats. I was at the top of my game after the whole Novick crap, and I was so high above the water that I felt as though everyone around me was grabbing for my legs. So I weighed them all down, and I had nothing, and man, I was put into a really dark space after. Richy, the Court…

…Madalyn. I loved her, I was with her and there was nothing but peace. She was the light of my life, and I sit back and I see that I was in too dark of a place to see it. I was too distant, too cut off, too mean. I said awful things to her that I’d never picture myself saying, all because I was too deep into my own head and too full of my own sorrowful bullcrap to see how much I was hurting her. The curly brown hair seemed to sag after months of being around me, as though I was holding her back. Her blue eyes, so youthful and bright, now had pain and sorrow in them. When she dumped me at Dave and Busters, I wasn’t affected. I was embarrassed. Now the puke coming from my stomach was full of those pains.

“Dude, are you okay?”

I lifted my head up, shivers on my arms. I turned to face who was talking to me, wiping the drool coming from my mouth, my hair sopping in sweat (and I hope none of it was from the toilet water either). I was in dire need of a new haircut, and a fresh shave.

He stood with his hands in his pockets, “I’m Kev.”

Hm… I wonder what this could mean…

All I’ll say is Alan is… well, displaced, to say the least.

For the last piece of information:

Fold Three will be seven stories long… the shortest of the folds, but hopefully the best. Be on the lookout for more news!


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