SF Hades Presents… the PJOU Panel!

Well, well, well. Been a while, huh? Well, Dane here, finally with some good news and what might just be my final news drop for the ROU! Geez, sorry, if I’m emotional. Time just flies by so fast. I still remember last December where Peyton was struggling to edit Pleaty Jackson One, and the next day, boom, I was on the council. Now, I’m editing and posting my own, and all of your amazing stories. It’s awesome! 

So, the first piece of news. Since the ROU’s conception, we’ve held onto the name “Riordan Origami Universe,” well, no more of that, now, now we have a new name… The Percy Jackson Origami Universe. 

Next up, The Iliad is out! Go check it out, spoilers below.

So, now, I’m happy to share with you the first half of… Fold 3: The Odyssey

The Return of Luke CastePleat- By SF Hades

Ł()K!- By SF Thrawn

Label Levesque and The Hunters of Art-emis- By SF Donatello

Nico Di AngeFold and Origami Will Solace: The Town of Nero- By SF Hades 

Annashred: The Trials of Artpollo- By SF Hades

The Foust Chronicles: The Caesar Shadow- By SF Thrawn

There’s six more stories after this one, ones that I’m saving for another day. (Including a character you’ve all been begging for) And ROU Fold 3 isn’t even set in stone yet. That’s where you all come in, mythology is universal. From the Hades and God of War video games, to musicals like Hadestown, and Disney’s Hercules. Even now, you can expect a crossover with the MOU’s Norse gods with Ł()K!, yes, you heard that right. An MOU crossover. And there’s room for more as this universe nears its final fold. 

The ROU is dead. 
Long live the PJOU. 


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