SF CD Presents… The Micahlorian

Hey, SFC! CD here with a big announcement: i’m working on a new series! Now, over the years there have been a lot of puppet fiction adaptations of The Mandalorian. First there was “The Mandafoldian” (by SF Guillermo), next there was “The Foldalorian” (by SLS), and now my adaptation, which I would like to announce is called “The Micahlorian.”

However, while the two other adaptations were released as one singular story, the Micahlorian will be split into three parts.

This trilogy follows Captain Micah immediately after the events of Emperor Pickletine Rides the Bus, when Origami Yoda boards the Mail-lennium Falcon and is sent to help Captain Micah. Micah, at first, wants nothing to do with him, but slowly discovers that Origami Yoda gives great advice. Micah takes him to school to help solve all of his problems, which he does! But, just when all seems well for Micah, he recieves a distress call from McQuarrie Middle School, saying that Origami Yoda must return, for a new threat has risen…

What is this new threat? Who sent the distress call? All will be revealed when The Micahlorian is released!

Cover by SF Hades

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