Q&A With The Mods!

Q: When’s the next BTFolds story?
A: A few hours from when this is posted! -Hades 

Q: Peyton, How is The Thing Burger research going? 
A: Hey! So to explain the concept of the “thing burger,” there was a burger to promote the release of 2015’s “Fantastic Four,” Sometimes called “Fant4stic” to separate it from the older films. The burger, dubbed the Thing Burger, was found at Denny’s throughout the nation, along with other skillets and plates for the other members. The thing burger consisted of a bun with burned-on cheese (to give it a rocky texture), a patty, cheese, hashbrowns, egg, bacon, and “Punch Packing” Thing sauce. The concept of “Thing Sauce” is, firstly, revolting. Combine that with the idea that the thing sauce is on this hulk-of-a-burger that comes it at 1,350 calories alone (1,950 with the addition of fries – your body needs about 2k a day!) This burger sounds terrible. But I want to know what the thing sauce is.
I run a youtube channel (Peyton Writes!) Which will discuss things like this, along with other random topics. In all the research I’ve done, I can’t figure out what the thing sauce is… So, it scares me.
Stay tuned for the video, though!

Q: What’s the best burger you ate and where? 
A: David’s Burgers, June 14th, 2021. -Hades
A: The best burger I’ve ever eaten was at a place in St. Louis. It was a bacon barbecue burger cooked to perfection, with amazing bacon, barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, and fried onions on top. Amazing. -Noah
A: The best burger I’ve ever had was on a cruise ship at a Guy Fieri’s place called Guy Fieri’s burgers and Fries. I would get lettuce, Ketchup, and I’d put potato sticks on there, which gave an extra crunch. I miss it daily, and I still put potato sticks on most burgers I make or have. -Peyton

Q: Camster, I can’t help but feel like you’re legally blind. Is this true?
A: No. -Camster

Q: Jar Jar, Have you ever tried British coffee?
A: Yes, but not enough shamrocks for my taste. -Jar Jar

Q: Have you ever tried making a pet character?
A: Clark has a mouse, and Mac will be getting a dog in the ROU’s Fold 3! -Hades

Q: Hades, why did you choose Lance and Amy out of all the characters?
A: The idea of using Debbie Don’s as Camp Half-Blood came to me first, and I later realized that Lance and Amy really had some interesting parallels between Mac and Ximena, and even later on I realized that Lance’s hopefulness, and Amy’s grumpy demeanor were just like Chiron and Mr. D! -Hades

A: I have to admit, I was, and still slightly am, iffy on the concept, but love the creative freedom it brings, and really hope that OM keeps learning and improving using this universe of his own as a venue. -Hades
A: Om5I think Video Pleats is a great idea, since video games are such a huge part of pop culture now. I especially love the fact that Zelda was the first story, since Zelda is my favorite video game series of all time! -Noah
A: I REALLY LIKE IT! But in all seriousness; I enjoy the Video Pleats Origami Universe. It’s a nice change of pace, the stories are all full of heart, and they’re really easy and fun to read; I should know! I’ve read all of them and been the primary editor for them. I think the concept of a connected school is a bit tough to do, but I am excited to see where it goes. -Peyton

Q: Thrawn’s dog, why did you eat his garlic bread?
A: Given that the council does not represent Thrawn’s dog, this question will go unanswered. -Hades

Q: What is the weirdest pitch you’ve ever heard for an OU?
A: I don’t want to publicly call out any users, but The Hunger Games is a bit of a weird pitch. Oh, and also Miss Peregrine. -Hades
A: The absolute weirdest pitch was from around 2013-14. Somebody wanted to write a story about Dwight going to Japan and becoming Manga Dwight for real, and he would beat up Japanese bullies with Origami Yoda by his side. It was very strange. -Noah
A: The weirdest pitch for an OU/Story I’ve heard has to be a horror ou. Firstly, I don’t think horror and origami blend well. I think that it’s a tough thing to do, and it quickly crumbles under the realization that our Puppet Fiction is not built for that genre. Not only that, but then you make it connected??? So does that mean that Penny-Wise (A penny with clown makeup) Will meet Alien-igami? Will Jason Vorcrease fight Penny-wise and Freddy Creaser in front of Creasethulu? How does that logistically work? When you take a genre and slap “OU” on it, I think there’s a big risk to it. You can’t really make, say, Cartoons connected, or Anime. It would be like if we made a “Fiction OU,” like, how? Or the one time we had planned for a Spy Origami universe, complete with Jason Bourne, John Wick, James Bond, Alex Rider, and more. I think having Horror stories may be possible for BTFolds, but not a connected Horror OU. -Peyton

Q: Jawa, do you like spicy chicken wings?
A: Yes -Jawa

Q: How have you seen SFC grow in the last year?
A: I like to think that SFC has grown so exponentially since last year, and I like to think I might’ve played a role in that. Take Thrawn, a few months ago he bragged about how Art Trek- 5,000 words- was his longest tale, now I’ve seen him write stuff that’s double in length and in quality. In the MOU and the DCOU, I’ve watched, too. And it’s so cool seeing you all grow, and it feels like just yesterday we were all producing mediocre schlocky tales in episode formats, (Guilty.) but now, look at you all! Keep on keeping on guys, you all have big things ahead of you. -Hades
A: To be perfectly honest, because of graduating and college and work, I haven’t been around the SFC as much as I would’ve liked this year. However, it’s crazy how much it’s grown even since six months ago. There’s so many stories and characters going on that it’s hard to keep track, and that’s such a cool thing. -Noah
A: I haven’t seen it grow at all. JKJK DON’T PUT THAT. Honestly, I’ve been here since 2012. I came and went, I have left and come back, but I have seen the most growth in not just the writing, but also in the community. We have a discord, and it’s great to see you guys interact and have fun. I have seen a lot of growth in the writing abilities as well. Now, what we could do is blend these together – the tight nit community, along with the honesty found there, could be suited to criticism (constructive, of course), on the stories, so that the writing (which is already pretty darn amazing) could soar to even higher reaches. Keep interacting! Keep writing! But we could use a lot more commentary on what’s being posted – what did you like about the story, rather than commenting “Great Job!”? What do you want to see happen? Theorize on the MOU, DCOU, WFOU, VGOU, PJOU, get conversations moving!

And that’s all for now, gang.

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  1. Noah, I agree with you on Legend of Zelda! I really want to get Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD on my Switch

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