ROU Sunday #15 (I think??)

Hey Superfolders! This ROU Sunday you are NOT getting a new Mainline release! (The next mainline won’t even be on a Sunday.) 

Instead, I give you the next installment in The Serapis Saga! Anubus and Ms. A! Who is this mysterious Ms. A figure? Who is Francis Dickenson? Prepare to have, well, some of those questions answered! Trust me, you’ll see these guys again.

Speaking of Thrawn, we had a recent sit down and he asked me a few questions. 

Q: Are there any references in your work that aren’t obvious, EU-related or from Mythology?

A: I used Back To The Future’s index-card based planning method, meanwhile I also try to draw from my life experiences and create something “real” (Think Perks of Being A Wallflower) At the same time, I really enjoy doing bigger scale and thematic epics such as Cobra Kai. 

Q: What is your favorite genre of entertainment? (I.E.: Western, Sci-fi, Historical fiction, etc…)

A: I really like “School Fiction” if that’s the term. Y’know, books about teenagers for teenagers. 

Q: What is your favorite ice cream flavor? 

A: Cheesecake. 

Q: Who is your favorite Batman? 

A: In terms of accuracy, Ben Affleck. But I just can’t help not enjoying the insanity in Michael Keaton. Needless to say, I’m excited for The Flash.

And, I’d like to share a hint. 

The Triumvirate is not the ROU’s true villain. 

Neither is it any member of CHRONOS. 

happy theorizing!

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