Hey, dear Superfolders,

Guillermo here. So one thing we’re all familiar with around the site is the concept of the ‘good old’ wishing skittles.

As you may know, one of the council’s aims is to improve your writing skills, as well as our own. However, every time the wishing skittles are used in a story, the chance to write a good, coherent plot with reality disappears.

The skittles have been around for a long while, but like F.O.L.D, I would reccomend you to permantely pause the skittles as a way of justifying certain events in the plot of your main stories (of course, elseworlds is a sandbox, so you can do whatever you want there. But every story which has the skittles will be immediately sent to elseworlds).

Thanks! – The SFC Council

About SF Guillermo

Superfolder since 2014, member or the Jedi Council of Superfolders and Mod of SFC. Head of the Wizarding Folds Origami Universe.

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