A new, different and peculiar rising…

Hey SuperFolders! Your boy Guillermo here!

So to kick-start my career as a junior mod, I decided to start writing a story based on the TV series ‘The Good Doctor”

When a kid with social problems starts a new life in another school, all seems sleazy at first, but with a global pandemic quickly on it’s way, who’s to assure him, or everyone, that all will be like before?

Read it here: https://superfoldercentral.com/the-good-student/!

First two chapters are out, and will be continued each week!

Peace out, guys!

– Guillermo

About SF Guillermo

Superfolder since 2014, member or the Jedi Council of Superfolders and Mod of SFC. Head of the Wizarding Folds Origami Universe.

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  1. guillermo comment i wanna see your name with the green bar

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