ROU Sunday #2

Hades here, again, today I’m releasing our second main story, OriGrover and OriJuniper Versus Athens Middle School: The Field Trip of Monsters! Read it here:

Next things next I’ll be unveiling what I have planned for the rest of the ROU in the next few weeks.

Next up I’ll be releasing two Oneshots by Origami Donatello, Origami Travis and Origami Connor Prank The Riordan Origami Universe, and Hunters of Art-emis.

The week after I plan to release a top secret oneshot also by Donatello, but this one is big, and will leave clues to the big one.

Week after won’t have much planned, instead I’ll be taking a peek into the ROU archives to give you some never before seen drafts and information.

Then there’s Starwarsigamimaster’s “The Dreadful Tale of Nico Di Angefold!”

Each and every one of these stories will play a role into… The Demigami Files: The Titan’s Curse Word, which will put the ROU on hold for about a month, though it will get kicking soon after, but that’s something for another day.

So we have five weeks worth of content! Isn’t that great? I’m so proud that things are shaping up, and it truly means the world to me to hear your kind words.

As usual, if you’re interested in writing for the ROU email me at

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  1. origami Donatello from his phone

    I’m grounded (I’m typing this in secret) for another week so my stories may be delayed

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