The Full Fold 2 Slate for the DCOU! (Along with Fold 3 announcements!)

Hey there everyone!

So, shockingly, Fold 2 chugs along at a nice pace. I’m shocked because I was worried we’d have a two year gap like the first fold. We’re chugging along so nicely that I think it’s necessary to reveal the last little set of stories!

Totaling 12 stories for Fold 2, as you guys know, we started with Batfold: Under the Red Hoodie, and, most recently, we had “OriShazam!” released. We’re going to be releasing Wonder Folder: The Holy Grail this week and Folders of Tomorrow Three next week, right on time for the holidays. This actually leaves us with five stories left! I won’t be spoiling anything with plot synopses, but here they are:

First, we’ll have Tin Titans by SF Jar Jar!
Then, we’ll have The Fold 2 by Noah.
After that it’ll be Batfold v. The Court of Origami Owls by me! (Side note, really excited for this one.)
Then we’ll release Supaperman: Doomsclay by Cammy
And, finally, The Paper Corps War, by me.

I’m so, so, so excited for fold two, but FOLD THREE is where it’s at!
Since Fold 3 is expected to end right before Superfolder Con, I thought I should announce the first FOUR of eight stories for that fold.

We’ll begin the fold with Shredder Squad by me and Jawa. It’s a fun romp with plenty of characters, but the question is: Who will be expelled, and who will stay?

Then we’ll have The Batpen by Jar Jar, and BatWomanigami by my lovely girlfriend (We’re working on her Superfolder name.)

Finally, we have Kingdom Cut, closing out the first half of Fold Three. Another special note:

Fold Three takes place over the 2019-2020 school year for the first 4 stories, and then the 2020-2021 school year for the last four stories. It’s a bit weird, but I’m excited for it!

Anywho, I’ll talk with you guys soon! Keep reading!

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  1. Accessing SFC from school is poggers. This is also poggers.

  2. peyton who is oingo boingo and ben kweller in rise of SCS

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