Story Dump Sunday & ROU News!

Hey Everyone!

I’m not going to normally do this, but these have been stories that our users have wanted posted for a WHILE!

For example: Miss Perigami’s by Star Warigami Master has been waiting to be published since June.

Guillermo’s third in the Fantastic Folds series has been ready to be published since August.

And Finally, Origami Master’s Martian ManShredder, a really fun story for Fold 2 of the DCOU!

Let me be transparent:
Editing takes a WHILE! It takes so long to truly edit a story to make sure it’s grammatically correct. So, please, bare with me as I edit each story meticulously. Thank you.

Lastly, some wild news!

Hades has told me that the ROU will be REBOOTED! He’s not enjoying the direction it was going, so he’s scrapping the idea and is approaching it at a new angle. I’m excited to see where it goes.

See you guys Wednesday!

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I lost my account, but here I am.

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  1. Heh heh….. Meesa excited for ROU!

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