YES! I know! This is insane, but it’s been Fandome WEEK, and so I decided to end it with the ending to Fold 1!

That’s right!
Justice Pleats: The Scissors Cut is out! Follow the teamup between the main team of the Justice Pleats as they go to Washington DC!

I’m so, so, so very happy about Fold One Finally reaching a conclusion. And Fold 2? Maybe it’ll start earlier than you think.

Also, I’ll be posting the start of Volume 2 of one shots next week, but not on a Friday. So we’ll be getting Larfoldz by Thrawn, and Jokerigami by Guillermo.

I’ll see you guys soon! This is probably my best story YET!

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I lost my account, but here I am.

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  1. origami_master53

    When is the next BTFolds stories coming?

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