DCOU Friday… On a Wednesday?

Hey guys!

Welcome to DCOU Friday on a Wednesday, because I’m really busy Friday.

Today is really brief:
It’s KANE DAY!!!

There is TWO stories that take place in Kane High School, my favorite of the three schools.

First, we have the long awaited and hinted towards Condiment Kirigami by Lord Toademort.

And we also have CreaseWing: Legend Reborn by SF Guillermo. No, it’s not Nightwing, don’t worry.


The Folders of Tomorrow Season OneTwo-Pleat and The Files of Mad Duck Taper have ALL Received Covers! Thank you Hades for the Folders 1 cover, and Guillermo for Two-Pleat and Mad Duck Taper.

I’m hard at work on Justice Pleats and the Order of the Foldix. I’m happy to answer any DCOU questions in the next few weeks, all I ask is that there’s no more one-shots for a while.

PLEASE, if you’re doing a series, FINISH THEM UP BY AUGUST 14.

See you guys!


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