Thrawn’s Panel

Hello my fellow nerds, it is I, THRAWN!

Man has it been a wild couple of months for us all! Fold 3 ended, I created (In my opinion) a very mysterious story line, and I made strong connections with you all!

But this is not the place to get sentimental. This is the place where we reveal things so without further ado I present to you: The Lineup.

I shall be going over all of the projects I currently have a hand in without revealing anything super-spoilery so first we have some of the more important stuff (To me). First off I think that it is time that I show to you the rest of the MCP Saga!

  • OriAnt-Man
  • Spider-Page
  • Silver Label
  • Ant-Gami and the Wasp
  • The MCP Saga: Parts I and II

Amazing, right? Well you know what else is amazing? …Spider-Man! I’ve hinted in the past that I planned on doing a Spider-Fold story, and I think that its only fitting that I tell you about it!

Ben Lowenthal has been a Spider-Fold since 2018, the same time that a mysterious substance has been appearing in people’s pockets. With the help of reporter France Beneky, he finds himself diving down a dark and dangerous rabbit hole in…Spider-Fold and the Negative Anomaly!

Now I know that was long but just stay with me now, there is still more I feel the need to cover.

  • The Washington D.C. Mishap! This is a story about my friends and I on our memorable (and regrettable) trip to D.C.
  • I am also working on a story for the Riordan Origami Universe based on The Kane Chronicles! Not sure how much I can say, but I can assure you that it’s coming!
  • I will also tell you about a One-shot for the DCOU that is currently in the brainstorming phase, and that would be Shazam!

Thats all from me! This has been THRAWN and have a wonderful week!

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  1. origami_master53

    WOO HOO! GREAT JOB! I can’t wait to read Shazam! That is one of my Favorite DC Movies!

  2. Very well thrawn, have a good week too.

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