The DCOU Panel

Welcome, everybody, to the FIRST PANEL of SuperFolder Con!

We’re so excited to bring you guys content during the next three days. I hope you guys have enjoyed all we’ve put out this year, from T.H.A.N.O.S. to the DCOU actually getting off the ground. 

Recently, SuPaperMan: Genesis was released, done by the amazing Superfolder CJ, and, without any spoilers, I must say that it’s an amazing story and I hope you guys start to look into Donner as a potential location for your tales. Finally! The mystery of who the SuPaperMan is has been revealed!

So, let’s get on with it already!

As users can probably guess, the next two stories in the DCOU are:

Green Paper Lantern by Superfolder JC, releasing tentatively on August 7th.

Justice Pleats: The Scissors Cut by Me, SF Cammy, and Jar Jar Pleats. The planned release date for this is August 22nd, in combination with the DC Fandome.

We’re STILL in DCOU Season. How fun is that?

Another thing: We’re planning on having covers to come out for our One-Shots, along with revamped covers for stories such as Green Arrowigami Season 1. Yodaforce also sent me a new episode of Green Arrowigami, with a puppet made by me. Great job to him! 

I can now move on to something I’ve been hyped to talk about, like, MAN has the hype been killing me!:

Now, Justice Pleats will have something big that happens in it that will lead to what Fold 2 is, but Fold 2 is even more so by you, the readers. 

I’m only going to be announcing the first half, along with a tentative date for when it’ll begin.

We’ll start off in a new school…Marukami High School in Locana, California. CJ Whogley has transferred, and he forms a new team in Jar Jar Pleats’ Tin Titans!
Note: There will be no booty shaking in 3D.

At Lampert, Matthew Yen is racing by in The Fold 2 by Noah.

The star couple – the football player and the cheerleader – destined to be together in this life and onward face some foes at Donner in HawkPen and HawkWoPen (we have an author in mind but it’s still tentative.)

The first series to appear in our main-line tales is the finale of SuperFolder Hades’ Folders of Tomorrow Saga, called Folders of Tomorrow: Zero Hour. Season two is still being released, so keep reading it!

Also by Hades will be Justice Pleats Dark, which will also feature it’s first “Build-Up” one shot series, Build-Up to Justice Pleats Dark. This will be its own miniature Fold, featuring stories from the likes of me, Guillermo, and others.

Another student at Donner, a fish out of water, a nobody, learns to become a hero in Martian PenMuncher by Origami Master53.

*Do note that all of these stories are subject to change in order of release, plot, or characters.

The planned start is:
Late November, 2020.


Here’s a sneak peek of Green Paper Lantern

Ah, summer camp. A time for sweaty palms, greasy hair, flies buzzing too close to your food, and chatting the evening away while sitting next to a fire. Reynolds Summer Camp has all these regularly-scheduled wonders and more.

Next, I wish to give you guys a sneak peek to Justice Pleats: The Scissors Cut!

“You know that girl from Aquapleat? Hannah Banana Anah?”

“Mmhm?” He really did have a speech for everything, I guess.

“I swear man, she’s all JC talks about! It’s H.B. this, H.B. that. But man, that interview was fun. I was under the impression she was coming to talk to me about my career as Batfold. But it was about my homie JC?! I haven’t heard from him until that whole occurrence.”

“Speaking of occurrences… you heard about JC’s little outing with Cooper King and Matthew Yen last month?”

“Cooper King?! Ah!” Alan clapped his hands, “Man! I haven’t heard from him in so long.”

He was smiling. I think coming out as Batfold really lifted a weight off his shoulders. He’s happy. We stopped playing air hockey, and the conversation naturally flowed to my bean bag chairs and playstation. I tossed him a controller and powered up Injustice Two.

“Well, it was him and a few others, I think this group at Lampert called the ‘Folders of Tomorrow.’”

“Right, right. Daniel Anderson is a part of that, correct?”


“Yeah, I was thinking of inviting him to the team but I decided against it.” Alan said, looking down.

“Their puppets were stolen, and they all had to go find them. Apparently a house was like a maze or something. I was watching it. Lampert is a wild place, man.” I said as I chose Superman.

“Yeah. Cooper is the Green Arrowigami, right? I was suspended when he came over to reveal it.” He pressed Raiden.

“Correct. Man, they just got all of CW over there.”

“I bet they have a Batfold too. Like, a really low-budget badly acted version of me.”

“Well, there’s this kid named James with a Crease-Mite.”

“How do you know all of this, homie?” He said, briefly looking at me while beating me up.

“I have my ways.” Truth is, my ‘ways’ was that I had met with the Folders during their little stints. They had some major event over there, not really catastrophic, something about a plushie. It’s not good over there, at all.

“Wasn’t there a terrible stomach bug at Lampert?”

“Ah, yeah, the Lampert flu. The folders said it was a ‘Zombie plague.’ Bull-doodle. I had gotten my hands on those stories from this kid named Alberto. Real country kid. He told me some of it was just crazy talk.”

… We were silent.

“Anyways, Alan, I got to know something.”

“Yeah? What is it?”

“That trip to Washington, are you going?” I paused the game, and we looked each other in the eyes as he sat stunned.


*Sounds of cheers maybe? I don’t know.*

Finally, I leave you guys with a message:

A few months ago, I announced the cancellation of the DCOU. But something was turning in my mind as the months went by. Two stories, a place still on the site, a label. It was agonizing to see it wait by like this.

I also announced my resignation. How upset I was, how I’d be taking on a producer role.

But something hit:

There’s a story to tell.

We have tales we want to show, characters we make, and arcs to do. I have a story I want to tell with the DCOU that will hopefully be enjoyable for all of you. Plans have changed, things have taken a turn, but I’m really liking how it’s going. If I had left, this saga would be left untouched, unfinished. Now, I’m back in full swing.

The DCOU is back in full swing. And it’s all thanks to you guys.

When I wrote out the full plan of the DCOU back in January, I kind of cried at the last story plan. It’ll be super fun to see all the way through.

I hope you guys like what we have to show.
-Peyton, AKA, OL100

Wait! Wait! I have-
-Zzt- -Pzzt- -COO- -zzt-

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