SF Jar Jar Pleats’ Super Special Secret Panel!

Hello all, and I want to welcome you all for the unpteenth time to SuperFolder Con, or SFC!!  Has everyone been having fun thus far? Getting excited for what’s to come?

Well let me tell you it’s about to get a lot more interesting! And hopefully even more fun as well!

To sidetrack for just a moment, I want to discuss personal creativity, more specifically my own. Don’t worry, this is relevant, I swear.

I have always found that television, while also being criticized as a negative influence, I for one find that they can be highly stimulating to the imagination.  They broadened my own ideas of what entertainment could be, what it could contain.  Heroes, villains, twists, turns, a real story to follow and keep up with from week to week.  It was so so cool to me as a child, and even today I find that it’s important to let your imagination run wild and let creativity flow, particularly when practicing your writing.

Which is why I am proud to announce a new universe to add into the fray!!

Introducing: The Origami Cartoon Universe!  You can refer to it as the OCU.

Well, I hear you saying, just what is the OCU, my Gungan friend?

Well, the Gungan replied, Meesa tell you! 

Simply put, the OCU is a place to let your wildest ideas run rampant, with some very basic guidelines.  This universe will be comprised of several middle schools, two of which are as follows:

Barbera Middle: This is where our universe shall begin, with characters and concepts found in classic Cartoon Network shows: Flintstones, Jetsons, Smurfs, Wacky Races, Atom Ant, Johnny Quest, Jabber Jaw, Popeye, even Tom & Jerry and Looney Tunes!


Ward Middle: This is where our universe will expand later on down the road, with characters and concepts found in newer Cartoon Network shows: Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, Regular Show, Amazing World of Gumball, We Bear Bears, Kids Next Door, Steven Universe, the list goes on and on!

So, what’s the plan?

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Later on down the road, there may be an established overarching narrative like the MOU or DCOU, but for the time being, consider this your sandbox. 

I will say, there are a select few members of the Council that have big plans for the future of this universe, so keep your eyes peeled! There may be more to this than you realise…

In this universe, characters can interact with other story characters at their school, their retellings can be nowhere close to what actually happened, you can go absolutely bonkers with how these students tell their stories. So long as deaths, fires, and language are nowhere in sight, and you continue to follow the rules already in place, go nuts! This is the spot to let stories in the style of OrigVenom shine!  These are middle schoolers, after all!

The hope is that this can carry over into putting more time and seriousness into new stories you write as your writing abilities progress.  You go crazy here, leaving your One-Shots and mainline stories in other universes, such as the MOU and DCOU, to be more serious and even dark in tone.

And don’t worry: our favorite talking dog will be on his way very very soon! Not to mention other schools joining the fray, each being crazier than the last! Disney? Nickelodeon? Oh, they’re coming!

Stories will be prepared on a first come, first serve basis. If you have a request, please email  and I will attempt to respond as soon as possible!

The best part? One story is already done! Thanks to SFOl100 for writing this epic kickoff.

I give you, “Secret Squirreligami and the Barbera/Ward Case.” You can find it under the BTFolds tab as well.

Until then, take care guys! This concludes Day One of SFC!

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