Hades’ Riordan Origami Universe

Hello there my boys, it’s me SF_Hades! Peyton let me have a panel here, so let me grab my notes here, ‘ight?

The ROU (Riordan Origami Universe) is set in a very strange world. After Twilight of the Student, a multiverse was created, in one universe, the EU, the MOU, the DCOU etc. never existed. Now yes, the characters exist. However, none of them got into origami, or at least not the way you think. Some became OriGods, using puppets of mythological gods. Some were children of them. These stories follow the children of the OriGods and them going on wAcKy adventures.

So first, we have a few schools in this universe. Now this is just in the first ‘Creasies’ (A pun on ‘series’)

  • Camp Odyssey – A summer camp, dedicated to keeping the descendants of the OriGods safe from outside entities.
  • Rocco Middle – A middle school, that’s actually not that important to the main story.
  • The Pluto Boarding School for the Mentally Ill – A corrupt boarding school, where mentally ill children are sent to learn better  the catch? All the therapists/teachers are OriGods, however things aren’t all bad. There’s occasionally a good teacher/therapist who’ll take a liking to certain students.
  • The Hunters Girl Scout Troop – A girl scout troop. 

Now here’s a sneak peek: 

Look, I didn’t ask to be a Half-Blood. The first 8 words of Percy Jackson that sucked me into this mess. Those words are burned into my mind, probably because they’ll get me killed in horrible nasty ways.  I should know. I in fact, have nearly died in a horrible nasty way. I know,you’re going to read this and think and think, Wow, Mac can I die in agony too? No. Just no. You won’t go where I ended up. Not by a longshot. Don’t grab a match and light yourself on fire. Don’t stab yourself with a 4 foot long sword. Don’t find a snake and poke it with a stick. I speak from experience,it sucks. 

I’m also happy to announce a story by Thrawn, The Red Origami Pyramid! It’ll be in Creasies 2, though.

YF has a big story as well, but I’m not talking about that one yet. 

So, there you go! Is that enough news or what! I also have to say, I need some more authors! Specifically for a 90s Hercules story, and a story about Grover Underwood. So who’s hyped? Peace out y’all!

(P.S. here’s a name reveal no one asked for, it’s Dane)
(P.P.S. You can email the ROU at riordan.origami.universe@gmail.com)

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  1. Hey guys so I also want to announce a series of stories about my OWN adventures with a REAL Justice Pleats, that will be slightly dramatized here’s a list of titles that I am writing, if you are a member and want to add one of your own adventures then email me or DM me on Discord. 
    Batfold Begins
    The Mark(er) Knight
    Wonder Folder: Dawn of Busses
    The Justice Pleats
    The Mark(er) Knight Rises
    Crease Titans
    The Justice Pleats 2

  2. origami_master53

    Nice job!

  3. Bro delete this smh

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