DCOU & BTFolds… Saturday?

I’ve been on a break, I’ve been super busy, and this is a major post:

There’s new episodes of Folders of Tomorrow 2 and Green Arrowigami 2. Both are really fun and I had a lot of fun editing them.

I’m editing a One-Shot by Guillermo right now, that will be out after Superfolder Central Con. This is because there won’t be a DCOU friday next week.


After this is the BTFolds stuff:

  1. Firstly, there’s a new ROU story by Noah, the Fall of Luke Castapleat. Fun story!
  2. Next, there’s a new One Shot (or, Magical Tales) for the Wizarding Folds, The Crimes of GrindelFold by Hades. It was interesting to read a backstory about a guy
  3. A new Universe begins! Yodaforce has started the Anime Origami Universe with the first story, aptly named “The Beginning of the Anime Origami Universe!” I’m excited to see where it goes.


Special thanks to Hades for posting his story on the Justice Pleats site! It helped me bunches.

Next, I must issue an apology to Origami Master, as I forgot to include his story, Crease of the Wild in the DCOU Friday list. It’s fun, and get’s the VPEU off the ground even more. Great job!

Finally, some trivia:

  1. JC’s full name is James Cargile Russell.
  2. Daniel Anderson’s family is pretty wealthy
  3. The Colonel Sanderigamis is a group of kids at the three schools that ALL make fried chicken at their respective schools. They have a little group called the Kentucky Fried Creases of America.
  4. Bag

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  1. origami_master53

    Apology excepted!

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