SuperFolder Central Con!

So, a month ago I’m sitting around and I see a new announcement from San Diego Comic Con. As you know, we’re experiencing some wild times in quarantine, so San Diego’s Comic Con is known as “Comic-Con@Home.”

And then it hit me:

Last year, the DCOU did Hall H, announcing the Line-Up for Fold 1, which has been heavily changed and never look at that post again to get info, it’s not canon at all.

Why not take that Hall H idea, and make it site scale? I got permission from the council, got some edits from Jawa, and…:


We’re EXTREMELY proud to announce SuperFolder Central Con!

Here’s the basic idea:

From July 20-22, there will be announcements, Q&As with specific council members, and even art and origami showcases by you guys: The users!

On July 20, there will be ‘panels’ (they’re actually just posts) for different parts of the site. I’ll be having a panel on the DCOU, Noah will be doing one for the MOU, users with their universes (such as Hades with the ROU, Guillermo with the Wizarding Folds Universe, and OM with the Video Pleats OU) can email us their hall H panel with their line-up and whatever they want to say.

On July 21, We’ll be having an art and origami showcase by you all. Anyone can send in their images of origami, their collections, and even drawings that you guys have made. We’d love to see them, and we’d also love to show them!

On July 22, we’ll conclude with a Q&A, For those wanting a Q&A, there’ll be 3 hour blocks per ‘panel’ section, starting at 11 AM EST with the DCOU.

Bring your friends!

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering: how can do a panel?

Firstly, E-mail us at preferably the DCOU email ( or the Origamichewbacca email ( with what your post will say. We’ll probably ask some questions, like, ‘what do you have to say on this?’ and stuff, and hammer out details, then we’ll have it scheduled to be released. If YOU have any questions of what you think should be in there, let me answer a few:

  1. Introduce yourself/your universe
  2. Give a brief catch-up of your universe up to that point. Don’t make it super long or super short.
  3. Then, list the stories you have planned, if you wish to include the authors’ usernames, mention that too.
  4. Completely optional, but if you want, you can include a sneak-peek of a story planned to come out.
  5. Finally, close it off with something, I don’t know. A “Peace out guys!” or something like that.

Be aware people may ask you questions: DON’T answer them until the Q&A panel on the last day!

Anyways, I think that’s all. If you have anymore questions on how this all will work, please ask below!

See you guys!

-The Council

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  1. origami_master53


  2. origami_master53

    I went on Wayback Machine and read the announcement of the DCOU! You used to have ALOT of schools!

  3. Imma get my cosplay ready.

  4. Alrighty then

  5. This is great, now we know what to expect!

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